About Me

Hi there! I’m glad you found me.

I’m an Ontario¬†freelance writer and have been writing online since 2009. From 2011 I made it my full-time job and I haven’t looked back. I write for businesses big and small, whatever content they need.

Right now, I’m focusing on the TV show niche for news writing websites, but I also cover topics in the health and fitness, lifestyle, student, and many other niches.

After years of making mistakes, failing and succeeding to get clients, and building both residual and active income, I’m at the point where I can help you. I’m able to share the tips I’ve learned along the way, in much more detail than I do on my blog (although that is detailed).

I want to offer you all the mentoring you need to become a successful freelance writer or blogger.

Yes, it really is possible!

It doesn’t matter what niche you like to write it. I can help you when it comes to finding clients, help with negotiating contracts and just offer motivation when you need it.

Writing Mentoring Sessions for You!

I’ve been through the ups and downs as a freelance writer in Ontario. I’ve learnt things the hard way. I’ve figured out how to balance work and life, looking after two wonderful daughters and supporting a family solely on my income.

I’ve worked with private clients, I’ve gone through content mills, I’ve even tried residual income sites. Really, I’ve seen and done it all and now I can help you avoid the bad steps and only take the good ones.

My work has been featured on various major websites, including The Huffington Post,¬†The Inquisitr and Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing.

I’m now offering my services as a freelance writing mentor. Check out my mentoring page for your options!