Creating Article and Blog Ideas: How to Come Up with Great Ideas

I remember the devastation and defeat I felt when I first signed up to a writing site and found out I had to come up with my own article and blog ideas. There I thought that topics would be chosen for me and I could just start writing.

Honestly, when I started I didn’t want to go out pitching ideas. I didn’t want to create a topic and blog post title to post on HubPages and Squidoo. I just wanted to write and earn a decent amount of money for it. Creating article and blog ideas was a nightmare for me.

But I persevered. I stuck with it and came up with my first idea. Then that spawned a whole series of ideas. Now I regularly come up with something new to write about. Every day I’m creating new blog post ideas and thinking about a series of articles that people will find interesting.

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There was no need for that devastation, but I don’t regret feeling it. I know I’m not the only one to panic when they find out they won’t just get a few topic ideas or titles to work with.

The feeling helps me feel empathetic for those who are starting out with the hope that everything falls into their laps. But with my experience I can also help you create article and blog ideas. With these top tips, you’ll come up with great ideas on a daily basis.

Stick to Something You Enjoy

If you try to write for money, it’s not going to work. You need to enjoy it as well!

Stick to a subject (niche) that you like to write about. My favorite topics started out as technology, history, writing and weight loss. I knew (and still know) plenty about them, could offer tips to others, and creating new ideas was like second nature.

Over time my interests have changed. I now focus more on parenting, weddings, and lifestyle. My experience in writing and my lifestyle has changed to allow for these new niches.

When I first started writing, I didn’t focus on the things I loved. I focused on niches that made money–well, they made other people money. I didn’t really know much about them. That meant I had to come up with ideas on a topic that I didn’t really love. It was like pulling blood for a stone.

I once had a client who wanted 10 articles written about payday loans — but all with a positive angle. I hated it and really struggled to come up with 10 different ideas!

Find an Angle that You’d Love to Explore

“But everything in my niche has been written about…”

I get that feeling. Yes, everything worth writing has already been written. Someone recently shared that just because it’s been written once (or multiple times) doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be written again. In fact, I find myself covering similar topics and saying the same thing over and over again. People don’t always read the first thing you write!

And people won’t always read the first thing someone else has written on a subject.

Plus, even if that other blog post was read, it doesn’t stop people coming to you. They don’t just read for the information. Your audience will connect to your personality, your way with words, and your personal touch.

To come up with a new blog post idea, think about the information that you used to search for within your niche. What information did you need to know? Is there a new news story? Add your own spin to the topic. You’ll soon find that article and blog ideas simply come to you!

Let the Article and Blog Ideas Flow

Have you ever been in the middle of writing something and thought of another idea? We’ve all been there, but how many times have you pushed it off to concentrate on the current piece?

Let your article and blog ideas flow! Just don’t try to fit them all into one piece.

You’ll soon find that your initial piece can be split into two, three, maybe even 10 different articles and blog posts! Ideas are always easy to come by in the middle of writing when you’re muse is working.

When you do get new article and blog ideas, write them down. This allows you to move on so you don’t forget about anything. I used to have a notebook by the computer. Now I used Google Drive or my whiteboard next to me, depending on the idea.

article and blog ideas

Look Online for Inspiration

If my idea bank is running low, I start looking online for ideas and inspiration – don’t copy, but use for help!

I tend to look at keyword phrases and then type them into an article directory or do a Google search to see the type of topics that come up. Sometimes I just need a hint about the type of posts people are searching for.

Never copy someone else’s work. I tend to search for these ideas a month or two before I need them. That way, I’ve forgotten the bulk of the original post and I can add a fresh angle to it.

You can also do this with eBooks. Pull out an eBook on your topic and look at the chapters. These are all article titles. Don’t read the rest of the content. You just want the topic idea and not the actual information. With the idea, you can work your own words into the piece freely.

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Get Away from the Computer

Blank screen or white screen syndrome is a problem. You spend so much time looking at the screen to think about a new great idea and your creativity falters. Your muse just doesn’t work.

It’s time to get away from the computer. Take a break and get yourself outside.

Read a book, play a game with your children, or take a walk outside. As you forget about your creativity – or lack of it! – you’ll find that ideas come to you more.

You may see an advert that brings a post idea or your child may do something that you want to blog about. You may find that you reach the end of your book and want to write a review! You never know how your muse will manifest.

It’s because of how the muse works that I carry a notebook around with me. I can jot the inspiration (or attempt to draw it) to help when I get back to the computer.

Still struggling with creativity? Even the best writers hit stumbling blocks now and then. The best advice I can give is find something that you love to write about. This will make you want to research things more and you’ll soon find creative and interesting article and blog ideas.

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Note: This post was originally posted on April 23, 2013. I have updated it with new content, images, and ideas on April 27, 2017.


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