Inquisitr Review: A News Site That Pays

Inquisitr reviewAs you know, I like to share reviews of websites that I contribute to. Inquisitr is just one of them, and I currently have 300+ articles on the site, having been writing there for just over a year.

With that in mind, I thought now was the time to really share my Inquisitr review, and let you know whether I recommend it.

Please note that this review is my own experience with the site. It is an honest review, and that doesn’t always mean lots of positives are shared!

I started at Inquisitr when I wanted to replace my Guardian Liberty Voice income, because that site was going down. I’ve replaced it and more!

Write About Anything You Like

As long as it’s news related, you can write about anything you like. When I started, I covered a variety of topics, ranging from general entertainment to UK news; whatever really took my fancy.

While the income was okay, it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to make a sustainable income from the site. Some of that is from old articles. Every week I see older pieces getting views. But a lot of it is from current pieces that I write; on topics that people are really passionate about.

This is the site where I learned about a niche that I’d never really considered in the past. So, now I focus on TV shows. It’s a niche I’m passionate about and people love to read.

Duplication Policy in Place

You’re really not limited with the site, except for create duplicate articles. I actually find the duplicate policy a great one, because it stops a lot of people writing on exactly the same piece of news. Great writers will be able to find a different angle on a story, rather than step on each other’s toes.

The first person to claim a topic gets to write it, but they do have a four-hour window. They need to actively work on the article, rather than claiming it just for the sake of claiming it. They can also only claim one article at a time.

There can be a downside to this at times. There are a few people who write on the same TV shows as me. I have to make sure I’m the first to claim the topic when the news comes out, or I make sure I find a different angle. It’s not that difficult, but takes some time thinking. It’s worth it when the two articles can complement each other.

It is possible to raise a complaint if someone has duplicated a story. People do check this, but there are limitations to it. I’ve once been pulled up when my story was completely different in the body. It was just the title that was similar, and that was by accident because the article hadn’t shown up in the search result.writing site review

This duplication policy can be a little annoying if you really want to cover a story for your own following. You need to get on the site quickly to claim something when you see it, and it could be too late by just a minute! There are times that being in the GMT time zone can be useful, but times that it really hinders my capabilities since there are some writers in the EST and PST time zones.

A Team to Improve Your Performance

Inquisitr pays at least $15 per article, but you can make much more than that on a weekly basis. There have been times that I’ve been paid $500 on just five articles written in a week!

The team wants your performance to be great. After all, that helps the site overall. That means there are always people there to help you improve it.

It’s because of this that I’ve managed to find a niche I’d never considered and build my income considerably. I’ve also been able to use my articles for samples to get other writing jobs. You won’t just get help finding a niche, but also on SEO, writing, linking and much more.

You’re encouraged to get in touch with the team to improve your performance if it is low. Sometimes, if it’s just due to being a bit stagnant in the number of articles you write, you may have someone get in touch with you. Last week I had that. I’ve written 7-10 articles a week consistently now for a while, and my income has remained steady that whole time. I had someone get in touch to let me know that there is potential to earn more by writing more (now someone just find me more hours in the day!)

Weekly Pay on Time

You get paid weekly, which is so much better than some sites. I don’t rely on this income, but I can usually factor it into things if I really need to.

Payment is always on time on a Tuesday morning. Sometimes it comes in the Wednesday (the official day we’re supposed to get paid). We’ll always get an alert when it is going to be the Wednesday instead or if there is a problem with pay.

This really is a site that respects its writers, knowing that it’s the writers that bring in the readers.

You’re guaranteed a minimum of $15 per article. This may not sound like a lot, and it isn’t for many writers. The benefit is that your earning opportunities are endless. As I said, for five articles I was paid $500+ one week. The extra income is based on your views.

If you write 10, 20, 30 etc you also get an extra bonus depending on your average article views.

How does the pay work? It’s based on the number you write that week (even though you can get views on older articles). Say you write 10 articles one week, and get 20,000 views. Your average per article is 2,000 views. You’ll get paid the average per article x 10. Then you get a bonus on top for writing 10 that week.

Here’s the Inquisitr pay scale to get more of an idea on the earnings. It’s available through Google 🙂

Initial Intern Period

There is an initial period where you will be an intern. This is paid, and it’s a chance to make sure you’re happy working with the site and can follow the guidelines. It’s also a chance for you to ask your questions and find out more about your earning potential.

You’re paid a set rate. When I did it, it was $10 per piece, but it may have gone up to $15 per piece now. You’ve got 4-8 weeks to complete, and you need to write 40 articles within that time. You can do up to 10 per week, but need to at least do three (that’s the bare minimum for the site on a weekly basis anyway).

I didn’t mind it. Really, it’s like being a member of the site on a trial basis. I used it as a chance to find out what type of articles would work, what I really enjoyed writing about and what type of content other people wrote about.

Overall, this is a site that I enjoy writing at, and financially I’ve found it worthwhile. It doesn’t take too long for me to create one piece, so my hourly rate is also reasonable. There are downsides, but that comes with all sites. The duplication policy is one of the trickiest to get around but a great writer will never need to duplicate an article!

I hope my Inquisitr review has been helpful for you. Have you tried Inquisitr? What do you think about the site? Please feel free to share your comments below.


10 thoughts on “Inquisitr Review: A News Site That Pays

  1. Thanks for posting this, Alexandria. I’m in the middle of my internship right now with Inquisitr and loving it! The funny thing is, I already loved reading Inquisitr. Love the site!
    They’re requiring 30 articles for the internship now, and I’ve done 13. It’s a lot to learn, with the links and tags and SEO, plus following the rules for images, citing sources, etc. But I’m learning and improving.
    The editorial staff has been amazing! They’ve been great about answering my questions in ways that make sense. A very dear friend of mine has just written her 30th article and she got an email telling her not to write anymore until they do her evaluation. She’s pretty nervous, as am I!
    Do you know how often they keep interns? Is there a rough percentage rate of the number of interns who are kept on to continue writing? We’re both really hoping we’ll be able to stay on and continue to write. It’s just those stats that are taking a little time to increase.
    My articles are averaging 1300 visits per week, and I know they want 1800. I’m hoping the rest of my internship will allow me the time to improve my stats.
    Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the updated information, Donna. 30 isn’t so bad, glad to hear you’re almost half way through. I had heard that the minimum average views per week was 1,800 but I’ve never actually heard that from Inquisitr, so thank you for sharing that. If you get a good topic, it’s not that hard to consistently get that and more. I aim for an average of at least 2,400 per week, and usually get at least 3,000.

      I can’t answer the questions you have though, unfortunately. Interns are kept if they meet the Inq standards. I think they may be lenient on the views to start with, because there is a team to help improve them. I also found that it took a good month or two to really start seeing the views go up. Now that I’ve been there a year, my old articles will bring in some views to help.

  2. Thanks for replying, Alexandria. I’ll be looking out for your articles. 🙂
    I’m really enjoying my internship and hoping I’ll be able to stay on with them. I had someone on their staff meet with me online and discuss some things I can do to improve, and that was really helpful. Things I was mostly taught at the beginning I’m sure, but that have started to make more sense now that I’m applying them.
    Again, thanks for the reply. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi, Alexandria,

    Thanks for your post. I just completed the 17th article for my Inquisitr internship, and I’m quite concerned I’m not going to get hired full-time. I’m a long-time journalist who has worked with WordPress before, so getting up to speed with links and photos was not problem. However, I still haven’t found a consistent niche to make the quota each week. After a rough start, I thought I’d turned the corner last week when I finally brought in over 10,000 hits for three articles, which pulled my total average up to 1,600. But this week, I pulled in less than half that for four articles. So now I’m back down to a 1,350 or so average. The kicker is that I wrote on the same subjects that did well for me last week, and they indexed well. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong.

    Like you, I’ve been steered into covering TV by the Inquisitr team, which is a great match for me if I could figure out how to be consistent. I’ve met with team members to learn better SEO and carefully followed all the tips, which resulted in a great week and then another bad week.

    Did you find your groove early on? I feel like I’m slow to pick this up. I really like this job and, more than that, I really need this job (I have a chronically ill family member I need to stay home with). I was so hopeful it would work out, but I’m feeling pretty frustrated with my (lack) of progress.

    By the way, what do you think of the pay scale changes at Inquisitr?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. It’s a tricky one with the views. I have weeks that are great and weeks that are poor. I’ve was chatting with one of the SEO guys last week and said how difficult it could be. This time of year, the site tends to see a dip in traffic. I’m trying to hold on for the start of the fall. This week also saw a problem with Google indexing, I’m sure you know from emails being sent out.

      The TV show niche is starting to become saturated now. You need to find a unique take on it. That’s what I’ve been doing recently to help take a step away from everyone else and avoid any accidental duplicate content. Unfortunately (and I don’t mean this as a dig, it looks like Inq is starting to become guilty of it by pushing writers in certain directions) copycats arise. when they see people doing something good, they jump on the bandwagon and it makes it difficult for all to get views and earn. I’ve read some posts from writers on the site who make it clear they haven’t watched the shows they’re writing about. that’s not the way to interact with the fans!

      It was a lot easier when I started. The pay structure has changed considerably since I joined. I’m not too sure I’d recommend it as highly anymore. But I actually don’t really like the whole minimum pay as much as some others. Before that happened, I was getting considerably higher views each week. Now I’m having to look at my daily views each day to play the system. But pay systems have to change to keep the sites afloat. I just don’t like the threat of being fired for having a couple of bad weeks that are often out of our control.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I looked at the Inq’s numbers on Alexa and they’re dipping. The pay scale change happened the week after my internship started, so I had a bad feeling. I actually have a lengthy history in TV journalism (which Inq doesn’t even know), so I didn’t fight too hard when they pushed me to TV. However, I had initially wanted to cover some general news and crime and that’s what I did. When that didn’t go gangbusters right away and one of my experimental TV articles did well, they pushed me into TV. But TV has been extremely hit or miss. I have done pairs of articles on several subjects where one did great and the second one died. No rhyme or reason. And everytime I suggest another topic, my SEO person says, “That doesn’t do well.” Well, TV isn’t doing well enough to get me hired either!

        The Google indexing problem ate what I think might have been a good article for me last week, too. Views went up for two straight days after Tuesday, when it didn’t index at all for 10 hours. But it wasn’t enough to recover. Didn’t help that another writer wrote the exact same piece 24 hours later that got Featured on the site.

        Anyway, I have no idea what I will write next week. I have 13 articles to save myself and I don’t know if it’s possible, especially knowing that it’s just an overall down time for the site. I write for several clients and sites, but I really want to add this one. It would really help me. But it’s not looking good right now, and I’m so disappointed. (Although, from the sounds of it, all I have to look forward to if I do get hired is a quick firing if I have a couple bad weeks. Maybe it’s stress I don’t need.)

        Thank you again for your insights.

  4. Hi Alexandria! Your article was very informative. I am struggling through my internship now, having just completed my first week with only 2,819 views for my three articles. Can you share any tips for bumping up my page views? I already share my articles on Twitter. Whether anyone else does, I do not know and I have no real control over that. I try to pick late headline things to write about, as I don’t find their keyword tool to be of any help to me in coming up with something that I can actually take an interest in writing. I want this to work out, but I definitely need to up the views. Someone has already contacted me for a chat meeting tomorrow to discuss doing that – I don’t know if that’s a really bad thing or not. Either way, I would love to hear your own ways for addressing this issue. Thank you for any help.

    1. Hi Cathy. I’m not really sure how to help you, to be honest. I’ve found Twitter isn’t the best for getting things shared, but I do use Facebook groups a lot. Definitely discuss things with whoever wanted the meeting. This is usually a meeting with one of the SEO guys to figure out ways that you can improve. I’ve actually found that focusing on a news niche has helped with my views and I’ve also gotten lucky recently with a few viral stories.

  5. Hi Alexandria,

    Long time Inquisitr person here. Loved your review. Inquisitr can be a mixed bag, and God knows I’ve gone through my ups and downs with the website. I used to be on the social media team before they automated us. My all-time high earning week was $2,600. Yes, week. Unfortunately, that was well over a year ago. Since we fell out with Yahoo, things haven’t been that good, but they are still better than other sites of their ilk. Example: they pay you on views for the LIFE of the article. That’s a good deal. Their editorial team also seems to have pulled their head out. Downside, and this is major for me since I used to be one of the top earners: they have brought on hundreds of writers without growing the traffic pie. Means they’re paying less for content, but the people at the top are still doing as well as they ever did. I guess you can’t fault them for that. It’s business after all. But when you’ve been with them since 2013 and seen way more lucrative earnings eras, it’s a little depressing. I have to keep reminding myself there are upsides.

    1. Hi Aric,

      Thank you for your full insights. That’s really interesting how your income plummeted but you’re still going. I’m one of those who has recently seen an increase in views and income. I do tend to play the system a little. Yes, as you say the views are for the LIFE of the article, which is so important as a writer. I’ve got a review of another site coming up and that isn’t going to be anywhere near as positive as Inquisitr partially because the views are only for 30 days. I’m starting to get a love/hate relationship with it. There are weeks I adore it and weeks I can’t stand it because I just can’t seem to replicate anything.

      I do hope you see your earnings shoot back up at some point. Maybe not so possible without the social media side but I do hope for you.

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