My Favourite Revenue Sharing Websites for Making Money Writing Online At the Moment

I really like the idea of revenue sharing websites for making money writing online. While you are opening yourself to factors that you can’t control, they are excellent places to write your own content with little technical knowledge. There is no need to purchase a domain name or hosting for  your own blog or website and you don’t need to worry about website maintenance.

They don’t completely replace having your own blogs or websites – I still believe that niche sites are important for making money writing online. However, if you’re looking for somewhere to start, here’s a list of my current favorites.

revenue share sites for making money writing online


HubPages is where you create pages called Hubs and is one of the oldest sites for making money writing online. You can write about anything you want and get a share in the ad revenue. HubPages offers its own program and you can connect your Google AdSense account to earn through that way. I’ve recently seen more earnings through the HubPages program.

It is also possible to earn through the Amazon modules. Simple opt for one of these modules in your article and link to items that work with your piece. I write a lot about history so I use the Amazon modules as a way to help people learn more about the subject.

There are currently over one million hubs published online. Not all hubs will be published or get featured. They have to be high in quality, be engaging and unique. You can’t simply write something that others have published and expect great results.


This is another website that is similar to HubPages. People create posts that cover topics that they enjoy and know a lot about. InfoBarrel has currently released a two tier earnings system – one through AdSense and one through its own system – and also offers a way to earn through Amazon.

There is a new quality check for posts as an answer to the new Google algorithms. All articles must be checked by humans before being published on the site and only those that earn a score of 41 or more will be available in the search engines. The longer and more engaging a piece, the better score it will have. Adding video and images is a great way to increase the score.

This site is no longer on my favorites list for making money writing online. I tried hard for a year to make it work but I couldn’t repeat the success I had on a small number of articles. To make matters worse, I later found out that the site doesn’t allow you to delete your articles. I haven’t posted anything on the site for around three years and don’t intend to ever again. However, one good thing is that I receive payouts when I eventually meet the threshold.


I’ve not seen much income from this site yet but it’s another place where I write about history (and history isn’t a very good topic for earnings). There are different types of ways for making money writing online through Wizzley though and it’s great for those who don’t have an AdSense account. You can earn through Chitika and other ad units.

Those with an Amazon Associates ID can add that so they can earn money through Amazon blocks. At the same time, you can add eBay, AllPosters and many other types of modules to increase your chances of earning money.

There is a 24 hour period where all pages are checked by humans. This makes sure the quality is of a high standard. Only those that are unique and well-written are allowed on the website. It is not a place for marketing materials or spammy posts with little informative value.


This is a relatively new site for making money writing online (at the initial time of writing this). It opened in February 2013 but is kicking off in popularity. I love it because it’s quick and easy to use. There’s no need to sign up for AdSense accounts or spend ages linking different accounts together. You simply gain part of the site’s advertising revenue for every comment, unique view, like and dislike that you get. At the moment it works out to be one cent per each of the above.

I’ve recently received my first redemption from the site – you can only redeem when you get $25. I did hear from people who weren’t getting their money but I’ve had no problem. It’s important to stick to the rules and they are very clear on the bank page! If you don’t stick to the rules, you won’t see payout.

Now defunct, this website dropped off my favorite list very quickly. While the site started off beneficial and a quick payout, it kept changing its policies without fair warning. On top of that, it would kick writers out for seemingly no reason (and certainly not for breaking the rules, as I know writers who were booted) and refused to pay out while keeping their articles on the site. When the site did finally close its doors, it did it overnight with no warning for those who would have wanted to get their articles back!

Since writing this piece, I’ve fallen out of love with a couple of the sites for making money writing online. I continue to rate HubPages and Wizzley highly for the quality and the changes to help boost income (while communicating well with writers). I don’t put content on the sites anymore but I will still regularly promote the content that I did write and check in on them from time to time.

Here’s a look at some of the revenue share sites that I now like recommend instead.


I joined this website shortly after it appeared on the web. It was a risk, but one that I thought worthwhile. The owners were two Squidoo members, so they knew that communication with writers was important. Writedge focuses on longer content, with a minimum of 400 words. I tend to write at least 800 words per piece due to the writing niches that I choose.

One of the benefits of this revenue share site is the use of your own AdSense account. It’s possible to earn more. You can also use your own affiliate accounts and earn 100% of the income from those accounts.

Links to your own sites are allowed. You will need to watch out for the amount of links that you include and follow the site’s rules. They’re easy to find and there’s a Facebook group for support if you need it.

Daily Two Cents

Daily Two Cents is owned by the same people who own Writedge. It’s set up very much in the same way, but it one of those Bubblews alternatives that writers wanted when Bubblews started changing everything. There is a 100 word minimum and no maximum posts that you can write per day. The focus is on quality though. The every day “what did you have for breakfast” posts don’t do so well.

Like Writedge, you put your own AdSense account on the site. You can also use affiliate links to gain more income on a monthly basis.

I haven’t used the two sites that much but I do regularly share content from the two sites. They’re worth checking out if you’re looking for somewhere to develop your blogging niche or try out something new. When you sign up, you will need to go through some checks to ensure you offer quality content, including sharing samples and having your first three pieces checked by editors before publishing. There are requirements to meet and all the work is through a WordPress platform.

Put your eggs into different baskets. There are many different revenue share sites and options available when making money writing online. The last thing you want is to rely on one in particular and then lose thousands of dollars in income suddenly because the site closed down or changed it’s ad share.

Please note that this post was originally posted on July 9, 2013. It has since been updated to share my updated views on the revenue share websites and include two newer ones that I prefer for making money writing online.


11 thoughts on “My Favourite Revenue Sharing Websites for Making Money Writing Online At the Moment

  1. Except for HubPages I was unfamiliar with the rest of these site. The internet is amazing. I don’t think I will ever stop learning what it has to offer. Well the truth is no matter what I learn there will be another program to learn. The important thing is to focus on what you purpose is for being online and not to dilute yourself trying to be everywhere at once.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. The others are relatively new, especially Bubblews. There are just so many more online and it’s easy to spread yourself too thin while trying to avoid losing too much income. It’s really important to find that fine balance.

      You’re welcome — thanks for commenting.

    1. You’re welcome. I found they were a great way to start learning about SEO, the topics that do well online and how to create content that goes viral.

  2. I have been blogging for a few years and trying to grow my ad revenue. I didn’t know there were places you could share that with. I will be checking these out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. There are many more than I mentioned. Squidoo is a popular option for many but I didn’t find it that useful. I like sites like these but check the TOS and keep putting eggs in different baskets!

  3. Neat article, Alexandria.
    Although ill be honest, Bubblews is a bit shady at the moment. One writer only got payment after sending them countless emails, and now I am getting the same treatment.

    They recently raised their threshold to $50, but I redeemed my money ($25) an entire month before that new rule was imposed. Now that money disappeared…

    1. I’ve never had a problem with redemptions, and most people I talk to have realised why the didn’t get paid. It is really important to read the rules and follow them (not saying you didn’t but it is really easy to slip up on some of them). The new increase is to improve their communication time so hopefully it will get better.

  4. Unless I’m totally out of the loop, Bubblews has been defunct for a few years! Unless it has resurrected itself lately unbeknownst to me. Good line up of sites and I was thinking of checking out InfoBarrel and Upwork lately. 🙂

    1. Yup, that was one of the updates that I added into the article. I wouldn’t recommend InfoBarrel anymore (the other update) and Upwork isn’t a revenue sharing site.

  5. I like your posts they are always very informative. It is certainly a minefield out there at the moment maybe it always has been. I am relatively new to money making sites and I must say I think I will stick to maybe 2/3 rather than try all and sundry. Good post thank you 🙂
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