Raising Your Writing Rates on Micro-Job Sites

There are so many micro-job sites out there, such as Fiverr, Fivesquid, and People Per Hour. They all have different sets up but it can be difficult to figure out how to raise your writer rates. In fact, it can seem impossible on some of the sites.

Well, raising your writing rates isn’t impossible. You can’t change the actual minimum rate that is offered through the site, but you can work around it.

Here’s a look at the workarounds to help boost your writing rate on micro-job sites.

Lower the Word Count You Offer

The quickest option is to lower your word count. If you currently offer 500 words for $5 (just an example) then offer 400 words instead. Okay, so you’re reducing your word count by 20% and some people won’t like it, but there will be others who are willing to pay that. After all, there are some writers on Fiverr offering 100 words of content for $5.

If you currently offer two articles for $5, you can reduce that to just the one. If your current gig includes up to 300 words of content, reduce it to 250 words for the basic rate.

Lowering the word count or reducing the number of pieces you write for the $5 base price (or whatever the price is on the micro-job site) really is the quickest and easiest way to make money with these sites.

Create Package Deals

Fiverr now offers the ability to create packages on the site. These can help with raising your writer rates on the site.

Start simple by adding in the different word counts for different rates. You can then add keyword options, topic research, and images in—saying whether they’re included in your base price.

If you used to include them in the writing, take them out and include them as a new package deal. Charge $10-$20 for image or video search and an extra $10 for keyword research. These are just examples. It’s up to you how much you actually want to charge.

Think carefully about your packages. I have seen some people offer a maximum of 300 words for $5 and then a maximum of 500 words for $10. My question if I was buying is: why can’t I just order 2 x the 300 word gigs to get 600 words? I’ve seen others offer 100 words for the first $5 and then 50 words for each $5 on top of that. It doesn’t quite make sense to be honest.

Yes, you get to choose how you want to set your packages but make sense to the buyer. Give the buyer a reason to opt for your next packages instead of finding a way around the system!

Add in Newer Gigs

Instead of adapting a new gig, why not look at adding new gigs? Find ways to market your skills in a different way to raise your rates.

For example, you may have a basic general writing gig. If you want to offer something more niche, you can offer a certain niche writing gig for a better rate. This is a way to increase your prices for your skill in that area. Another option is to offer different types of writing. Create a new gig and raise your prices for sales copy compared to blog post writing.

Look at ways that you can expand your writing business on these micro-job sites. Think about what buyers have wanted recently and see if you can work in new gig ideas for them.

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Raising Your Writing Rates on Micro-job Sites Is Possible

Yes, you really can do it. It just takes time to work it out and find the best way for you and your gigs.

Look at changing your gigs slightly once a year. You gain more experience and deserve to make more money. You may lose some buyers but you will gain a lot more who are willing to pay extra.

At the same time, look at moving away from the micro-job sites. You want to make better money than these sites can offer and now is your chance.

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