Writer Health Tips: How Getting Your Work Life Balance Is Good for Your Mental Health

In Fitness and Health Friday, it’s time to focus on getting a work life balance. My writer health tips aren’t just going to be about looking after your physical health. I want you to look after your mental health, too.

I’ll be honest with you. While writing this blog post, I just want to take complete break from work. I’ve done no work for my clients today and just focused purely on my business. Once I’m finished with this, I’ll be putting the computer away for most of the weekend (two TV show recaps to do tonight) and then that will be me until Monday.

I don’t plan on doing anything at all for work over the weekend, bar maybe some planning on Sunday night. My brain needs a recharge and not just for productivity or to make be a better writer. I need to take time out to make me better mentally.

You need to get your work life balance in order. It’s one of my biggest writer health tips, because your mental health affects everything else. It will affect your creativity, your productivity, and your physical health.

Here are four ways getting a work life balance is good for your writer health.

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You Don’t Suffer from Writer Burnout as Much

I’ll be honest. Writer burnout can affect us in a variety of ways. Even those with a good work life balance suffer it at times.

But those with a work life balance are less likely to find it occurs frequently.

My energy levels have slumped. I don’t want to do anything for clients and I’m not really that interested in writing blog posts at the moment. But I’ve not completely burned out from work because I don’t mind planning or learning more about the workings of Trello and Buffer.

I’m interested in doing the admin side right now. That’s because I know I have a work life balance. I don’t spend all my time working on my business.

If you don’t have a work life balance, you will suffer burnout on a regular basis. I remember the days that I would have to take a week off work after writing for 14-21 days straight. Mentally I was tired and fed up and I didn’t want to look at a computer screen again.

I can’t remember the last time I got like that, apart from maybe the last couple of days before a vacation. But then don’t most of us get like that a few days before a vacation, as we start to really look forward to it?

Your Creativity Doesn’t Take a Nose Dive

Creativity is an issue when you don’t have a work life balance. If you spend all your time working, you don’t give your brain the chance it needs to look at the world around you. You can’t take in conversations from others or learn about new and exciting things.

Not having a life means you don’t read as much, where you will gain more inspiration for your own writing. You don’t have the chance to just let your hair down and not even think about writing, clients, payments, and more.

By having a work life balance, I’ve found that I have so many more ideas. I have a list of niches that I’d love to develop into websites and writing ideas for the websites I already have. I have fiction story ideas that are waiting to be written and video ideas for YouTube.

Creativity knows no bounds if you don’t set any. If you live in a state of tiredness and burnout, you’ll find that the ideas just can’t reach the surface.

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There’s No Pain to Affect You

A work life balance is one of the best writer health tips because it also helps your physical health. And yes, helping your physical health will aid your mental health.

This past week I’ve had a flare up of carpal tunnel. Even taking the steps that I do to prevent carpal tunnel, there are times that it flares up. This week it’s because I pushed it a little too much over the weekend getting back into fitness and using weights that were a little too big for me. My own fault and I’m working on repairing the damage.

But my mental health has suffered. I’ve been in constant pain and not been able to do as much as I normally would. My typing has been slower and the slightest thing has annoyed me far more than it usually would.

I’m thankful that carpal tunnel doesn’t affect me on a monthly basis anymore. It certainly used to when I didn’t have a work life balance. I didn’t give my body the rest it needed. Now I don’t get the flare ups as often (or as bad!), so I’m not in constant pain. My mental health doesn’t dip because of that constant pain.

writer health tips: work life balance for mental writer health

You Get to Spend Time with the Reason for This

Your family is likely the reason for being a writer. I know I don’t want to go back to working in an office because I don’t want to stop being a work at home mom. There are just so many benefits to it.

The most important thing is that I get to spend more time with my girls. A few years ago, before the birth of my second daughter, I realized that I was working far too much. Months had gone by and I’d forgotten all about developmental steps for my elder daughter. I felt guilty and it really upset me that I’d missed so much of her life up to that point because of work.

Getting a work life balance means that I could actually play games with her and spend quality time together. We’d go out and play in the park, meet with friends, and even just read books in a coffee shop because we had some time spare.

My mental health instantly gained a boost because of this work life balance. I was happier because I actually got to spend time with my daughter. I didn’t feel like I was constantly working.

Now I make sure that I don’t start work until she goes to school and finish by 6pm—that would likely be the time I’d get home from a full-time job. The rest of the evening is me and the girls and my husband. When they go to bed, I get quality time with my husband. If I struggle to sleep for any reason, I’ll use the time to get some admin work or blogging work done, so I have less to do the next day.

My mental health has definitely gained a boost from getting my work life balance back. I recommend getting your work life balance in order as one of my top writer health tips because it really works.

Do you not know where to start? Let me help you get your work life balance in order by becoming one of my writing students. I’ve been where you are and can help you get some order back into your day so you get to spend time with family and friends.


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