3 Common Blogging Mistakes I’m Still Making, But You Shouldn’t!

3 Common Blogging Mistakes I’m Still Making, But You Shouldn’t!

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I’m not perfect. I’ve always said that I’m human and while I know what to do, I don’t always do it. Does it make my a hypocrite?

Well, no I don’t see it that way. I never tell people that they must do something or should always stay away from something. I tell them something along the lines of “this is what you should do, according to whoever.”

There are many blogging mistakes that I’ve made over the years, and some of them I’m still making. I want to tell you about them, so you don’t make them, too!

Not Having an Email List

This is something that I’ve been putting off for so long. I keep saying “next month,” “next week,” “next year.” I have all the excuses in the book, and then “never get around to it.”

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes anyone making money online can make. I know it and you probably know it. It’s why I’m owning up to it.

When will I get my email list up and running? I don’t know—I’ll be honest. What I’m thinking of doing is at least offering a subscription option to at least tide me over. When will that happen? Again, I don’t know.

I have the excuse of not having time, but I genuinely don’t have it. Most mornings I’m up by 6am and I’m going to bed at midnight, sometimes later. I don’t really procrastinate anymore (unless I’m having a super bad day). I’m not just a blogger anymore, but also a work at home mom, with a second job and a house to make sure it clean and tidy. My husband works long hours and does the cooking and tries to help stay on top of the housework.

I have so many plates, some were bound to drop and making this crucial blogging mistake is one of them. I genuinely don’t have the time.

The good news is that I may have some more time from next month. I’m reassessing the sites that I write at and am considering dropping one or two.

Not Always Creating a Plan

Okay, so this isn’t one of the biggest blogging mistakes I’m making. In fact, the last six months I’ve been great at planning. But then I get to days where I start running out of time.

I’m fed up of working late and not spending time with my family. So I’ve been putting things off. It’s causing issues when I get to the end of the month and means I’m burning myself out.

So, okay I’m planning but I’m not always sticking to that plan.

This is where dropping a site or two comes in. One of the sites I’m thinking about dropping is the one that takes up a good two to three hours a day. Yes, a day! It’s too much work and not enough return and I’m no longer enjoying it.

That will help correct this mistake.

Taking on Too Much Work

Yup, I still do this. I’m a self-confessed workaholic. I always have been and it has gotten me in trouble in the past when it comes to my own sanity and my relationships.

My husband is a bit of a workaholic, too. But we both want to spend time together and with our daughter. So it’s time to get out of that workaholic mode and be parents, too. No, we don’t neglect our daughter—she always comes first—but we don’t play and help her develop as much as we could.

Possibly one of the worst blogging mistakes I’m making right now is taking on too much work. I keep using the excuse that we need more money, but these sites that I’m writing at aren’t all upfront pay. In fact, most are residual. And then I have my second job and I’m covering classes left, right and center.

It’s so important to avoid taking on too much. Be realistic with the amount you can do.

I’m correcting this, again, by dropping a site or two. It’s about time I get off the computer more, spend more time with my daughter and get to the gym more!

Those are the three common blogging mistakes that I’m still making. It’s time for me to stop making them and do something about them.

I’m sharing this confession because I don’t want you to make these blogging mistakes, too.

Do you make these blogging mistakes? Are there others that you make instead? Feel free to tell me about them in the comments.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

9 thoughts on “3 Common Blogging Mistakes I’m Still Making, But You Shouldn’t!

  1. Sounds like I have a number of your problems! I’ve got a list, but I’m not writing to them 🙁

    I’m working on my planning, and it’s a case of keeping it up …

    And yes, I’m a bit of a workaholic too …

  2. I totally relate to this. I went 3 years into my niche site creation before building an email list. I am still amazed I waited so long. I was also bad about planning but just this past December, I went the same route and started dropping niche sites that were taking up my time but not producing any income. It’s such a weight off.

  3. Nope! I still haven’t worked on an email list. The reason could be that blogging daily takes up too much time already, so why would would I want to email people as well? All things come to those who plan. chuckle.

  4. This is a very vulnerable and helpful post! I started my email list, but I’ve not sent a single email yet! I’m crafting it in my head, but I really need to sit down and write it. Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing–once you take that first step, it goes quickly, and you’re glad that you’ve finally done it!

  5. No email list, blogging too much about stuff I want to blog about and not what my readers want, and spending too much time noodling around on Facebook at night (and being in blogging competitions) instead of crocheting that blanket I promised to my son over a year ago. I loved your tongue in cheek approach, by the way. I hope you make the right decisions to lesson your tress load.

  6. Yep, I’m guilty, too. I spend way too much time trying to get my blogs right and so I have to rush cooking dinner. I also have an email list and hopefully I’ll get the first newsletter out in March.

  7. I’ve really got to research this email list thing. However, I need one more thing on my to do list like I need a hole in my head! 🙂

  8. You may have three weaknesses but you also have strengths. Installing an email list doesn’t take that long if you use Mailchimp though which is free for the first 500 subs and a good alternative when you’re just starting out.

  9. I have been making so many blogging mistakes! The email list part is particularly frustrating because it’s hard for me to sit down and write a free report. I don’t even know what I should write about!

    But I’m taking it a step at a time and learning as I go – soon I’ll have it figured out. Thanks for the article!

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