3 Tips for Marketing Your Blog While You’re Away

3 Tips for Marketing Your Blog While You’re Away

3 Tips for Marketing Your Blog While You’re AwayContinuing with my vacation posts, I’m looking at marketing your blog while you’re away. This is something that stumps many people, but it isn’t that difficult. I said on Monday that I would cover it, so here it is.

Marketing a blog while you’re on vacation can be done in the follow three steps.

Share Old Posts With Your Followers

There’s nothing that says you have to share only your newer posts. Your old posts could still be relevant, and are well worth sharing. I do this a lot with my history posts, but while I’m away I’m sharing some of the slightly older content from this year that I know is still relevant.

You can schedule it all with platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer. Facebook had its own scheduling feature for those who have pages of their own.

Spend time going through some of your old content and see what’s still relevant. You could always do a quick update to make sure it is still relevant.

Share Your Scheduled Posts

How do you tweet posts that haven’t been placed online yet? I do this on a regular basis.

You can still get the URLs for your scheduled content. Then, go into your social media scheduling software and add in that URL. Set the update to go live once the post has gone live, and you have your new content doing the rounds.

Don’t forget to use good hashtags to get your content shared.

You can do this on various platforms, including Facebook and Google+!

Schedule Conversations and Others’ Blogs

Marketing your blog isn’t just about getting your actual blog posts out there. It’s about keeping your name on people’s lips. The best way to do that is just to offer great content on your social media platforms.

Schedule some conversations while you’re away. Nobody is going to complain if you drop in on your pages for a couple of minutes here and there when you have nothing else to do. I tend to do it when I just wake up or just before I go to bed—or while others are napping!

It’s also worth scheduling content that you’ve found on other people’s blogs. People will follow various bloggers and they’ll be thankful that you’re sharing something new from someone else. It also shows that you don’t know everything.

Remember it’s your social media account that appears in their newsfeeds. That makes you the topic of conversation.

Follow these three tips and marketing your blog while you’re away is easy. There’s no need to worry. Enjoy your time away and relax!

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