4 Ways a Killer Podcast Will Help Your Blog Succeed

4 Ways a Killer Podcast Will Help Your Blog Succeed

Have you considered podcasting yet? This is something that I’m not doing yet but certainly am considering it in the future. Plenty of blogger and writer friends are doing it and they’ve found that podcasting has helped their blog succeed. In fact a killer podcast will help your blog succeed too.

We tend to want to stick with just writing, don’t we? We’re comfortable putting words on the page, but many of us don’t want our voices or faces out there. I know plenty of you are avoiding vlogging for this reason.

Well, podcasting could be that step into vlogging that you need. You’re not putting your face on the camera. It’s like having a radio station!

But is it really worth setting up a killer podcast? Just how good will it be for your blog? How could having a radio station help when you can’t put annotations on or there’s a risk of people typing things in wrong. Well, here are 5 ways that a killer podcast will help your blog succeed.

Help Your Blog Succeed with a Killer Podcast

You Give People a Way to Listen to Your Content

Not everyone has the chance to read content. When you use a podcast, you give them another option. Most people will listen to music when they’re in the car or when they’re exercising. They’ll listen to the radio when eating their breakfast or while working.

You’re giving them something to listen to instead. You help them learn when they’re not able to use their eyes.

There’s a benefit over video, too. After all, video requires them to look at the screen as well as listen. With the podcast, they simply turn it on and they can get on with tasks while listening to the information that you share.

People will remember that you have a different way to get your content. The next time they’re thinking about putting music on in the car, they will opt for your podcast instead and listen on the commute to work!

That then drives in the traffic to your blog. When they get a chance to use their hands and eyes, they’ll physically search for your blog because of the valuable content you’ve offered through the podcast.

You Can Repurpose Content in Another Way

Repurposing content is an invaluable way to reach more people. You’ll usually hear of how I’ve repurposed content into video or infographics. Well, now podcasting is available.

What do I mean by repurposing content? You’re using the same content but in a different method. So you could share exactly the same content in a blog post through a podcast. You may find a different way of wording it and be more conversational, but it offers this new form of engagement.

And then you link to the top point: you have a way for people to get content without reading.

Won’t that take viewers away from your site? Not exactly. They won’t necessarily know that you’ve repurposed the content. And it could be content from years ago. The content you now have on your blog isn’t available through podcast. Whenever they listen to a new podcast, they want to know the other information you’re sharing on the blog at the same time.

You Start Networking with Other People

Your podcast will gain an audience who never knew about you, because of your networking with other people. This then leads to getting more viewers to your site to help your blog succeed.

A killer podcast will involve some interviewing. The person you interview will have a following and they will bring it to your podcast to hear them speak. That following will then be interested in other podcasts that you have.

Of course, this works the other way. When you interview on someone else’s podcast, you share your information with a new audience. That encourages that audience to visit your site and share your information.

You can also take an excerpt from the podcast and post it on the blog. This gives you more content from a well-known guest when they just don’t have the time to write a guest post for you.

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You Give Google a Reason to Rank You Well

Google loves “value-added content.” This includes images, videos and even podcasts. Yes, Google is keeping up with the times!

If you add a podcast to your blog, you’re telling Google that you offer content that audiences are going to love. The search engine is more inclined to rank you higher. Those who are searching for information included in your content will find you more easily, so you gain an audience that you may not have done before.

Make sure you don’t just add audio for the sake of it. You want to add valuable content whatever the form.

Of course, your podcasts are also more likely to be shared on social media. Sharing over these platforms tells Google that your content is valuable, so your rank increases even more!

It’s time to add a killer podcast to your marketing strategy. It is a sure-fire way to help your blog succeed, even if your podcast isn’t directly added to your blog.

Need help setting up your podcast? I recommend getting John Lee Dumas’ Podcast Launch from Amazon. This is the book I’m currently reading to help set up my own killer podcast.

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