5 Reasons to Start Using Images In Your Blog Posts Now!

5 Reasons to Start Using Images In Your Blog Posts Now!Do you use images in your blog posts? I expect to see everyone nod their heads, but I know for a fact that there are some people shaking them.

There are many reasons people don’t use images. I’m not even going to go into the reasons right now, either. There are just too many to mention. But those reasons don’t outweigh the benefit that images bring to your blog posts. If you’re not using images, you’re missing out on these five great benefits!

Your Posts Look Better

Images in blog posts do one great thing: make your posts look better. They stand out and appear more attractive.

Why does that matter?

The main benefit is that people are more likely to stay on your posts. Of course, your formatting of content needs to be done properly, too, but images can really help. If people like to look of your post, they want to see what you have to say.

They’re also more likely to share.

Social Sharing Is Possible

Social media sites love images. Some social media sites are purely image orientated! Just look at Pinterest and Instagram!

Twitter and Facebook also love images, because people do. If your share has an image to it—the image in your blog post—it will end up in front of more eyes. That means more potential of the blog post being read.

People are also more likely to share something with an image. It’s psychological.

Great to Add Your URL

It’s easy for some social media sites to lose your description and link. Instead, just the image is shared. You can create a custom image and add your URL to it.

When the post is shared, people will still see the place to visit when they’ve lost everything else.

This is extremely useful when it comes to Pinterest. I can’t count the number of times my posts have been shared without the description!

Tell Potential Readers What the Post Is About

Images in your blog posts tell your readers what your post is going to be about. You do need a relevant image for this, of course!

You can get creative with this, too. For example, if you’re talking about business goals, you can have an image of goal posts instead. People love creativity and a play on words. At least, from experience they do.

They Offer Another Google Search Option

Google image search is great for blog posts with images in them. You have another layer for people to find your content easily, with the right search terms. You’ll be surprised the thousands, if not millions, of people you’re missing because you don’t do this.

The image in your blog posts can be added as a featured image with many blogging platforms. This is the best way to get into Google search results.

You can also add the keyword phrase into the alt. text of the image, so you make sure Google picks you up.

If you’re not adding images to your blog posts, you’re missing out. There aren’t enough good enough reasons not to add them to your content.

Do you add images in your blog posts? Feel free to share the benefits you’ve seen since adding them and why you do it. If you don’t, share why so I can help you.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start Using Images In Your Blog Posts Now!

  1. I use images though I still have some difficulty getting 2 side by side. I also use my own pictures though they aren’t as good as the ones I can download, they’re ok. I’ll continue to work on them.

    1. Do you add the images in separately? Could you use paint or some other tool to put the images together so they’re in one image to post? I hope that makes sense.

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