Being a Freelance Writer: 5 Tips to Stay Thin

Being a Freelance Writer: 5 Tips to Stay Thin

From personal experience, working from home as a freelance writer makes it easy to gain weight. You sit at the computer all day and it’s easy to fall into the habit of staying at the desk and not leaving the house. After all, you know you need to keep writing to earn more money. Of course, being at home means that food is always around.

We’ve all done it at some point. I did it when I first started out. I gained weight, suffered from burnout and started to become depressed. There was one moment that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was fed up of being unhappy with myself. I needed to be a fit freelance writer again — no, I wanted to be a thin freelance writer.

The only thing I could do was take control of the food I ate and the things I did. Here are the five simple things that I did to become a happy and fit freelance writer.

The Healthy Writer

1. Have healthy snacks in the house

I have to snack while working. I don’t think I know of a writer who doesn’t. It keeps me going while researching or typing away. It’s a bad habit that I got myself into at university and I just can’t get out of it.

But why should I? I just have to make sure the snacks I have are healthy instead of the biscuits and the chocolates that I was so used to.

If you’re a snacker like me – even if you just enjoy the odd biscuit during your break – find healthy ones. Don’t spend a fortune on the “low-fat” options in the store. Have nuts and seeds, chopped fruit or even chopped carrot and celery sticks to enjoy.

2. Get moving around the house

Exercise is an essential part of the day. After getting out of the military I tried to do as little as possible. In fact, when I joined Weight Watchers and became a Weight Watchers leader, I barely exercised at all. That’s all changed, because I’ve found exercises classes that make me happy — that I sort of look forward to in the day.

The experts recommend that we do 30 minutes of exercise a day. I do 60 on most days and try to start my day off right. If you can’t make it to the gym — I’m lucky that mine is across the road from me — then why not look at desk workouts. I’ve shared some that you can do right here!

Don’t forget that movement is excellent if you have writer’s block. Try not to force yourself to write. Step outside and let the creativity flow.

30 Daily Tips to Lose Weight

3. Get rid of the desk chair

Desk chairs, even those that offer support, are bad for you. They make you slouch and offer that much support that your muscles don’t have to do that much work. Use an exercise ball instead. I started doing this at university and it really helps to stabilise the core and work the muscles.

Don’t overdo it if you’re not used to it. Just an hour a day at first will be more than enough. It takes a while to get used to so give it chance.

You can also stand at your desk. I actually used to pull out the ironing board and put the laptop on there. I could stand for 30 minutes or so to get the blood flowing to my legs again.

4. Drink More Water Throughout the Day

I’m not going to lie, but this is the hardest one for me. I just seem to forget and then I get to the end of the day and realize I’m thirsty. And I mean I forget. I think about it in the middle of a blog post or article and decide to get it when I’m finished — when I take a break. Then I forget what I had planned for the break.

I’ve taken to setting an alarm on my phone. It pops up every hour to remind me to get up and grab a glass of water. Considering I work for eight hours usually (I enjoy working) I end up getting the 8 recommended glasses!

Drinking more will boost your concentration and help with your energy levels. You’ll also find it boosts your motivation to write. There’s also the benefit of boosting your metabolism and making yourself feel full, so you eat fewer calories and become a thin freelance writer.

be a thin freelance writer

5. Get a good night’s sleep

I know when I’m tired, I start reaching for the high-sugar foods. These give a quick high but that energy is soon burned off and I’m left feeling down and wanting more. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, so you feel refreshed and ready to work the next morning. When you feel ready to work, you will get more done during the stints at the computer.

Everyone works better on different amounts of sleep. I have to get somewhere around six hours sleep but I know others who happily work on four hours.

I was able to lose the weight. Unfortunately I gained it all back after having my second daughter. I’m on a mission again to be a fit freelance writer. You can join me too and catch my YouTube videos offering regular tips to lose weight and keep it off.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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