Should you blog on your website or create a new domain?

Should You Blog on Your Website?

Should you blog on your website or create a new domain?

Content is king, “they” say. You’ll hear all about needing a blog for your WAHM business. I do highly recommend one, but do you put it on your website or do you create a separate domain for it?

If you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll know that I have different blogs. I use them for different niches, whether I share about my blogging experience or I’m covering something in the weight loss niche. Keeping everything separate is important for me.

I also have a website for those who want to hire me as a freelance writer. This website could be a static calling card, but I have a blog attached. This blog is focused on the hire a writer niche. You can take the help of reliable seo companies to help you come first in search engine results and your prospects find you easily without the help of expensive ads.

So, do you add your blog to your website or create a new domain? It’s going to depend on a few factors.

Your blog will need a niche

If you want to show authority, you need to create a blog with a niche. This could be anything from gadgets and technology to motor racing. It all depends on the things you’re interested in.

When you blog on your website, it needs to be on the same niche as your business. I’ve connected my writing blog to my website. It shows my skills as a writer and the knowledge I have gained so clients know that the sales copy isn’t just hype. It also helps people and shows them that I do have the authority to help them in their writing journey. When you need to develop a custom website for your business, don’t hesitate to contact Ecodelogic.

If the blog is on a different niche, it needs to be on its own domain. Consult with azure developers Sydney via  XAM.

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Blog on your website without opinions

This is a debatable topic. Some will say you need your opinions and views and others will tell you to avoid them. It’s going to depend on what your niche is.

If you’re a lawyer or an accountant, you’re going to want to keep personal views or religious opinions out of your blogging content. If you want to blog about religious views, then move that content to its own domain. You could turn away your ideal clients because they don’t share the same religion or political viewpoint as you.

Blogging without opinions completely can be impossible, depending on the topic, but you need to keep your opinions to a minimum. The only time you want to add your opinion is when your niche calls for it or when it’s something you think will help someone do the same job as you. Get effective SEO advice from Sydney SEO agency.

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It depends on the goal for your website

It can also depend on the reason for your website. This blog is to help fellow WAHMs in business, so there are going to be some personal topics. My blog to draw clients to is a business on, so my reviews and my personal topics don’t go there.

Think about what your goal is for blogging and what you want to achieve from your own website. Do those goals match? If that’s the case, you can put your blog on your business website. If the goals don’t match, you need a separate domain. A WordPress website development agency can make your unique new domain for you.

If you have a website that is for reviews or selling products, creating a blog on your website could be the best decision you have ever made. It gives you the chance to show your authority and could give you the chance to offer follow-ups about products or services that you have tried.

If it’s more of a professional website, having a static site may be more beneficial. You need to ask yourself whether your blog offers any benefit to your website. Is it a place for samples or is it just so you can keep adding new content? You may find the wrong type of people visiting due to your blog!

It all depends on the type of appearance you want to have and the audience you’re working towards gaining.

How Should You Start Blogging?

Keeping your website fresh

When you create a website, you want to keep it fresh. You need to add new content to help it do well on search engines. A blog on your website is the perfect way to do that.

At the same time, it offers a way to keep adding keywords and get your website found. You can also add advertisement slots to keep the income coming in if your website isn’t doing very well or you just want to create a secondary income.

This shouldn’t be the only reason to blog on your website though! Use it as a secondary reason.

Do you blog on your website or did you choose a separate domain? Share your experiences below and any tips that you have for other writers.

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Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

5 thoughts on “Should you blog on your website or create a new domain?

  1. My blog is connected to my website. It gives me an ability to connect with people on a personal level as well as educate regarding a field that is unknown to many.

  2. Hi Alexandria,

    It’s so funny you wrote this today — I needed a week ago! 🙂 I created a series of Quips and Tips blogs. I have about seven blogs on one domain (, and kept wondering if I should try something new, on a whole new domain.

    Last Tuesday, I created my new blog on a new domain. My new blog is called New Beginnings, and I’m so curious to see how it’ll do in comparison to my Quips and Tips blogs! I earned $60,000 from Quips and Tips last year (so why the heck I’m abandoning them, I’m not quite sure), and what to know how my earnings will compare on a new domain. Of course, Quips and Tips is 5 years old. But New Beginnings will be devoted to one domain and url, which may strengthen it as a whole.

    Thanks for this article, though — it tells me I’m on the right track!

    Stay true to you,

    1. Wow! That’s a lot from one domain and it must have been such a difficult decision. I’m sorry I didn’t post this a week ago to try and help! It takes time for a new domain but sometimes it’s the perfect opportunity to try new things and go a different direction. I’m glad to hear you think you’re on the right track though. Good luck with Quips and Tips and New Beginnings. I hope New Beginnings is just as, if not more, fruitful for you.

  3. I need to too thank you ffor this excellent read!! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it.
    I’ve got you book marked to check out nnew things you

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