31 Blog post ideas for March 2021

31 Blog Post Ideas for March 2021

31 Blog post ideas for March 2021

I know it’s not quite March yet, but now will be the time that you’ll be planning out your month. At least, you’ll plan out some blog post ideas in pencil, right?

That’s what I spent last weekend doing – actually, I planned in pencil all the way to the end of June!

Sometimes coming up with blog post ideas is hard. You know what your readers want from you but now you’re stuck on what to actually write. You get this white page syndrome that you need to fix.

Well, it’s time to find some motivation. Here are 31 blog post ideas for March 2021. We’ll look at some of the holiday events coming up and just general ideas to get you going.

March blog post ideas

  1. Take a look at the most popular search term within your niche. You can use Google’s Keyword Tool for this or sign up for software like Jaaxy. Write a blog post about that keyword, keeping it relevant to your audience.
  2. Create a letter for mom – March is the month for the United Kingdom. If you’re not close to your mom for whatever reason, why not write a letter to yourself as a mom in the future? Or you can write a letter to the mom that you wish you had. Share your journey into your business and your goal for 5 years in the future.
  3. Make a Wordle. This is so fun to do and will take you minutes. Post it instead of a blog post. Sometimes people just want something to look at. This is also a great social media marketing tool.
  4. Do a Facebook Live and add it to your blog. Create a perfect live webcast with the assistance of webcast sydney. Talk about yourself and your journey or about something within your niche. You can then download the video and add it to YouTube or I think there’s a way to pop it straight into a blog post from Facebook. Just add a short introduction and a brief overview about what you talk about.
  5. Write a review about a recent book you’ve read that will be interesting to your readers. This is best when it’s a non-fiction book that will work towards your reader’s reasons for being on your blog.
  6. Share the big mistake that you made when you started your blog. This is your chance to be honest with your readers and share how you overcame the mistake.
  7. Post a reminder about Daylight Savings Time. You could share your thoughts on it or how you’ll counter losing an hour in the day. If you’re a history fan, look up the history of DST and share more about it.

That’s your first week of March over and done with. This would be a good time to do a round up post of what people have learned from you with your blog post ideas for March so far.

Yes, this will count as a blog post, so that’s Day 8 out of the way! If you want to write about something on Day 8, it is International Women’s Day so something about inspiring women is perfect.

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  1. Share one thing that you learned last month that will help them with their business. Maybe you found a new tool that was useful or you picked up one trick to give you more time.
  2. Tell your readers about the most common reasons people say they don’t take you up on an offer or product that you share with them. It may open their eyes to excuses that we commonly make.
  3. Tell people why they should subscribe to your newsletter. Give them clear reasons and then don’t forget to include the call to action to subscribe.
  4. Pick a trending topic from Twitter or Facebook that is in your niche. Spend the time creating a piece around that topic and get it shared while the topic is still hot.
  5. Write a review about a tool that you use or a website that you rely on daily. This will need to offer something to your readers. For example, I share a lot of time management tools or websites to help people make money online.
  6. Share some money tips for the niche. Do you have a knack for finding cheap books to build business?
  7. If you had $5,000 to spend in business, what would you buy? What is your dream purchase for your niche? This can help others thinks about their dream purchases.

You’ve got another 7 days of blog posts here. So, for day 16 why not do another round up post? People love these because they get all their information in one place. If you only email people weekly, make sure this the post that you send out so they’re aware of anything they’ve missed on your blog.

  1. Talk about St. Patrick’s Day. This is a major holiday – you can always find a way to make this work for your niche!
  2. Tell people why they need your product. Give them ways that your product (or your service) helps them – you’ll need to figure out exactly what your ideal client/customer wants and needs, so you can work the reasons to those needs.
  3. How are you going to relax? We share that bloggers need to relax all the time. It’s time to share what you’ll be doing, whether it’s the upcoming Easter holidays or just for a short weekend.
  4. The spring equinox is coming up. Share something about it and what your readers can do with equal hours of day and light for a day. You could even look at something summer related as this is the point that people feel summer is on its way.
  5. Talk about what makes you unique. You’ll have plenty of competitors in your niche. Why should someone choose you over them?
  6. Share your top websites that you follow for your business or blogging needs. You can even include a fun one just to help break up the day!
  7. Do another roundup of your favorite apps. Have a mixture of time management, business, health, and more.

You’ve got it! It’s time for another weekly roundup post. You’ve got seven interesting and fun topics to share with your readers. This is day 24’s post of your March blogging ideas.

31 Blog Post Ideas for March 2021
  1. Offer some spring cleaning tips. It’s spring, so the time that people pull out the cleaning products and get to work. Focus more for your niche, such as computer spring cleaning tips or budget spring cleaning tips.
  2. What’s your favorite song to listen to while you work or exercise? This is just a look into who you are, so your readers get to know more about you. You can even share why this song is so good for your motivation and how you use it to help you blog.
  3. What are your plans for the next quarter? Yes, the first quarter of the year is almost over with. Take a look at what you want to achieve for the second quarter. This is your chance to goal set and encourage your readers to do the same.
  4. Give some advice for those just starting out in your niche this year. What would you say your number one piece of advice is?
  5. How has blogging changed over the years that you’ve been doing it? What’s changed in your niche? What still stands and what have you had to stop doing? This shows that you know how to roll with changes and that you can help your readers into the future.
  6. Share a video from someone else within the niche. It could be a crossover niche to help build your audience. If you want to do one better, record an interview with that person! You’ll build your audience quickly with this blogging idea.
  7. Look back over your month. Share the top 5 blog posts from the whole month or the ones that you had the most fun creating.

If you want, you can do a roundup post for the week on the last day too or as your first for April. But you really don’t need to! The monthly roundup says it all.

I hope you find the blog post ideas for March useful for your motivation. Pick any or all of them! Don’t forget to share your posts in the comments below when you’ve finished.

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What are you writing about in March 2021? What do you need help with when it comes to running your blog? Share in the comments below.

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