When budgeting, fight for your promo codes!

When budgeting, fight for your promo codes!

Promo codes are often important when you’re budgeting. Sometimes, you’ll only get something because you have a promo code to get it for free or a set amount of money off that means that item you wanted fits within your personal budget. Those promo codes don’t always get applied properly. What that happens, make sure you fight for them.

I’m going through the fight right now. I shop a lot at a particular grocery store that offers click and collect, which I use a lot. Getting someone else to do the shopping and just going to pick it up is convenient. And usually, I don’t mind paying the $3-$5 fee for that convenience.

In fact, I never mind, except for when I have a promo code for free pickup. On July 31, I used a promo code for my order. I got the free pickup. Great, right?

Well, the promo code was supposed to offer me free pickup throughout the summer. So, Aug. 7, I place the order and don’t get my free pickup. Why? Well, as I’ve found in the past, the promo codes aren’t that great. They don’t always auto-apply, and you need to get in touch with the Customer Service to get those promo codes applied to your account.

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The last time this happened, all was fine. Customer Support fixed the account and gave me my free pickup on future orders and refunded me the pickup for the order that didn’t work properly.

This time? Well, I’m getting extra codes for future orders, but nobody is giving me the refund on the Aug. 7 order. Do it really matter? Well, for some, it really will. Some will have chosen the $5 slots because for once they can afford the more convenient times. Even $3 can sometimes be too much to stretch. Even if not, it’s the principle of the matter. After all, if it’s happened to me then it will have happened to others!

This is a summer-long promotion. I could place orders on a daily basis, and I should get my pickup free the whole time. Those $3-$5 charges would soon add up. Even just shopping once per week (which is who I use it), that would be $12-$20 spent when it shouldn’t have happened.

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Extra promo codes are great, but that doesn’t help the current situation. It means I’m going back through emails to find voucher codes to apply to individual orders. And then, it would only be one order at a time. What about all the other orders I could get free pickup on?

When a promo code is offered, it should work exactly as stated. And when they don’t, refunds for the wrong costs should be made. The store’s Customer Service was great the last time as they were using the best CRM service from companies like Salesforce

Don’t be afraid to fight for your promo codes working, especially if you only bought something because of said promo codes. It will take time but it’s worth it. I wouldn’t fight so hard against small or local businesses, but when it’s a large nationwide company, I’m going to fight.

What do you do when promo codes aren’t applied as they should be? Do you fight to help with budgeting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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