Bullymake April 2024 review: Investigative pups

April 2024 Bullymake review

Bullymake April 2024 review: Investigative pups

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The April 2024 Bullymake box is here, and it has an investigative pups theme. Take a look inside the box to see if it’s right for you.

My April 2024 Bullymake box turned up at the end of the month. It was a hit once more with my two huskies.

For those who haven’t heard, Bullymake* offers indestructible toys. Well, they’re not completely indestructible. My dogs have managed it, both within minutes and within months. The guarantee does work for those that are destroyed quickly, though. I don’t know how long the guarantee is there for so I haven’t had toys from six+ months replaced.

You see, these toys do last. It’s rare that I actually have to throw a toy out. The ones I do are usually the ballistic ones that aren’t made for constant play. You need to monitor your dog with them. They are my female husky’s favorite, though. She likes the crinkle.

What’s inside the April 2024 Bullymake box?

This month’s theme was a crime scene. It’s all about investigative pups, and the card that came with the box had a dog dressed up like Sherlock Holmes. It was cute.

The rubber toy is a police car. I don’t tend to use these toys to put treats in as that’s just not worked for my dogs. They make some great chewing toys, though, and my two really love to chew. Between these and the nylon toys, I don’t have to worry about my walls anymore!

The nylon toy is a fingerprint. I would have loved to see a paw pad print instead, but it was cute to have a fingerprint. After all, we need fingerprints to help solve crimes.

The ballistic toy was a bit like a rake of sorts. It actually minds me of the shape of my carpet scraper to get the dog fur up. I’m not sure if this matched the theme or was even supposed to. All I know is my female husky took it and ran, while my male husky just sniffed! She did end up coming back for the rope toy as well.

The rope toy was a simple yellow and grey rope toy with two knots at the end. I like the length of it as it gives me enough room to really play tug with my male husky. That’s his favorite game, and he has already brought this one over to me to play with a couple of times.

Is Bullymake worth the purchase?

I love Bullymake. I only get boxes once a quarter now. This is just one of those subscriptions that I don’t need more often because of how good it is. The toys last for months. In fact, I still have some toys from 2018 and 2019!

The best thing is the guarantee works. I did have a toy that broke apart within minutes of my female getting it. She didn’t use it in any way than just regular play, and Bullymake quickly replaced it with another rope toy. It wasn’t the exact same one, but it was still a good replacement.

If you have a power chewer or just a dog that likes to play roughly, Bullymake is a great option. I highly recommend it.

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Get your own Bullymake box at the official website*.

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