Bullymake April 2021 review: Get that vacation feeling

Bullymake review April 2021

Bullymake April 2021 review: Get that vacation feeling

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It’s been a while since I’ve been able to bring a review for the Bullymake boxes. That’s not because I haven’t been getting them. I have! I’ve even been taking photos. I just haven’t had the time to write in so long.

The April 2021 review is late, but better late than never. It’ll give you an idea of the type of toys to expect in the May 2021 box, which is available now. My is already on the way, so I’m excited to see how the dogs take to their new toys.

April’s theme was certainly a vacation-themed box. More specifically, it was a Hawaiian vacation theme. I’ll admit it was a little jarring considering here in Ontario we’re still in a stay-at-home order and the idea of a Hawaiian vacation seems impossible. Plus, it was only April and the weather was still freezing, so it felt like this theme should have been held off until June or July.

Usually, the theme works really well with the month. I’m not sure what was going on here.

But only the toys. As usual, the toys were a huge hit with the dogs. I got one of each type of toy from Bullymake this time, as the dogs have been taking to different types of toys recently. Take a look at the full box below.

Bullymake review April 2021
Image by Alexandria Ingham

The Ukulele is a big hit

The plastic toy is a ukulele, which is kind of cute. It’s a huge hit with my male husky right now. He’s forever finding the toy and chewing on it. Recently, there have been a few personal things at home that have caused his anxiety to go up, so he’s been chewing a lot recently. I’m really glad I have this toy for him.

My female hasn’t really taken to this toy. Maybe it’s because she’s not had a chance. She’s taken to the wrinkly toy instead. These tend to be her favorites and she does chew her way through them. She refuses to play tug, so I hang around with her while she plays with the less durable toys. She’ll purposely go looking for this type of toy.

I did think the crinkly toy was the turkey from the Thanksgiving box. However, it’s slightly different but with the same colors.

Bullymake review April 2021
Image by Alexandria Ingham

Totem rubber toy from Bullymake

Another popular toy in the April 2021 Bullymake box was the rubber toy in shape of a totem. I haven’t put any treats in this toy. I’ve found the longer ones aren’t great for putting treats in. They’re very difficult to get the end of the treat out that falls into the toy.

However, that doesn’t stop these toys from being popular. They’re durable for chewing on, which as I mentioned, has become important for my male husky. I’ve caught him just looking for these rubber toys to chew on when he’s feeling anxious.

Bullymake review April 2021
Image by Alexandria Ingham

The last of the toys was a rope toy. These are always popular with my male husky to play tug with when he’s interested. He’s not taken to this one just yet, and I’m not sure why. It could be that he’s just got so many rope toys all ready!

Overall, though, the box is another great one. There’s no way I’m stopping this subscription.

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Get your Bullymake box from the official website.

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