Bullymake review: Take a look inside the August 2020 box

Bullymake Review: August 2020

Bullymake review: Take a look inside the August 2020 box

We got our Bullymake box for August 2020. It’s time to share my Bullymake review for the month.

If there’s one thing we need in this house, it’s durable dog toys! Our huskies take out the majority of toys they get, chewing them to pieces within minutes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re stuff-style toys or durable Kong toys. Nothing seems to last.

That’s not the case with Bullymake.

I shared in my July 2020 Bullymake review why I love this box. I still love it for all the same reasons. So, I’m going to jump into what’s so great about the August box.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

Seeing out the summer

We’re seeing out the summer with this box. In fact, considering the weather we had in July (heatwave) and the cooler weather we have right now, August’s items are just right. They’re perfect for two dogs with thick coats that like the breeze.

As usual, we got two plastic toys. One is in the shape of a shoe, which has become our female husky’s favorite toy. I think it’s the top of the shoe, where she can really get her teeth into it. We have had to keep an eye on this one, though, to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed. I think this one is definitely putting the Bullymake guarantee to the test!

The second plastic toy is a little like a fidget spinner or frisbee. It’s our male husky’s favorite plastic toy for a while, likely because of the grip he’s able to get on it. There are four points to chew easily on, so it’s not going to get as damaged as the shoe!

For the rope toy, it’s a fairly large one with two knots. It also has a loop for me to grab. My male husky adores playing tug with a rope toy, but he also has a bad habit of cheating by grabbing as close to my hand as possible! I need an easy to grip loop to move my hand around when he decides to cheat during the game.

The rubber toy is a treat toy in the shape of a fire hydrant. It’s cool, but this is the one that I’m most disappointed with based on what we use these toys for. They’re for us to put some treats in when we leave, giving our huskies enough to distract them as they have both suffered from separation anxiety. The treat toys are great to keep them occupied while we’re out. This one is just a little too long, making it harder to get the treats out.

The hole is also harder for us to get our fingers in and pull the treats out when we get back. Some of the other rubber toys have been too small for this too. My favorite two have been the strawberry and cheeseburger.

However, I will say the hydrant has worked out as a great chew toy for our female husky, who likes to chew more than her brother. She can get her mouth over the top of the hydrant and go to town without the risk of damaging her teeth!

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

A switch to ballistic toys

We usually get two plastic toys for the dogs. With so many now in the house, I’ve gone into the account to switch to a ballistic toy for September. This could be a perfect switch for our male husky, who does like to tug and fetch more than chew.

One of the things I love about Bullymake is being able to switch between the different types of toys. If I find we need more rubber ones, I’ll be able to make a switch next month. If after a few months the plastic toys need to be replaced (I think six months is great with my two power chewers) then I’ll switch to get some more.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

My huskies know when Bullymake is here

I’m not sure if they know by scent of something on the boxes or the bright orange color (are dogs color blind?) but my two dogs know when Bullymake has arrived. They will sit patiently next to me waiting for their toys to be pulled out and passed to them. And they know which type of toy they’re looking for at the time, as I always give them choices when opening.

I’ll have to get a video of them seeing their toys next time. They are adorable.

And as you can see from the photo above, they love their collection of toys all over their beds. Their toys are routinely put back in their box, and they’ll go in and make their collection again!

By the way, they don’t do this for any other subscription box I have! None at all!

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Get Bullymake today for your power chewers.

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