Bullymake review: Inside the August 2021 box

Bullymake August 2021

Bullymake review: Inside the August 2021 box

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The August 2021 Bullymake box has an under the water theme. Take a look inside the box for an idea of what to expect in September.

It’s taken some time, but I’m here with the Bullymake review for August 2021. The theme was some sort of under the water theme, and each of the items match that theme in some sort of way. As usual, some fit the theme better than others, but it’s easy to see the theme in all items.

As usual, both my huskies loved the box. One item is already on its way out, but it’s the one that isn’t designed for hard chewing so that’s not surprising. I’ll get a few more plays out of it, though. The rest of the box is still going strong.

Bullymake August 2021 box

I’ll get the one item that isn’t quite part of the under the water theme. It’s the rope toy. It’s a black and red rope toy made into a ball with a handle. This is great for playing tug, but it’s a shame the colors don’t quite match the theme. This could have been made with green and blue or something like that.

I do find that it’s rare for the rope toy to completely match the theme. Halloween and Christmas themes tend to be the easiest to match, but the rest don’t seem to work as well.

Image by Alexandria Gunn

The ballistic toy is another crinkly toy that my female husky loves to pieces. I’m not sure what it is about the crinkle noise, but she makes sure she’s the first to grab that one and isn’t interested in the other toys right away. This one is shaped a bit like a fish, although there’s not much detail on it. It reminds me a lot of the turkey-like toy from a few boxes ago but in yellow and black instead of brown and green.

The plastic toy is a trident. It’s really easy for the dogs to grab and chew on, and so far, it’s not been ripped to pieces at the ends. The tips of the trident prongs are rounded so there’s no need to worry about anything sharp.

Finally, it’s all about the rubber toy. This one neither of my dogs took to at first, but that’s possibly because of no treats! The rubber toys are all ones that you can put treats in, and this one is a great size to get the end of the biscuits out. The rubber toy is a puffa fish, and it’s super cute with the bulgy eyes.

I’m sure the dogs are definitely excited about the September box. And they always know when a box is for them!

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