Bullymake December 2021 unboxing and review


Bullymake December 2021 unboxing and review

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The December 2021 Bullymake box did turn up late, but it’s finally here and time to look inside. Here’s our review of the box.

If you’re looking for dog toys that your power chewers won’t destroy, Bullymake is the place to turn. I’ve tried other dog subscription boxes and never really found something similar. The toys in Bullymake ($) are great for my two huskies.

I did have a problem with the box delivery in December. It didn’t reach the border at first and was returned to the company. The company didn’t seem to catch the error, but that could have been due to Christmas. I realized shortly after and emailed immediately to get a new box shipped out.

We don’t know exactly what happened with the first box. It either got returned due to it being damaged or because of a problem while shipping or it was actually lost in the process. Whatever the reason, Bullymake was right on top of it and quickly mailed out a replacement box for me and my pups.

Inside the December 2021 Bullymake box

The box was all about Christmas. Last year, the company chose New Year celebrations as the theme, so it’s not surprising that Christmas is the holiday of choice this year. I do hope to see a different holiday chosen for next year. I know that the company will want to keep things focused on the big events of the season, but inclusivity is certainly worthwhile.

The toys are all connected to Christmas in some way. There’s a cute Christmas bauble as the vinyl toy and a snowman as the rubber toy.

The rope toy is red and green plaited together. The Christmasy colors will certainly help to bring the season to mind, not that the dogs will really care. I just love that these toys are all designed for dogs but also add something fun for the humans.

The blastic toy is a crinkly one again. I would love to see a throwing toy or something else for interactive play in the near future as I have a lot of these crinkly toys now. They are popular with my female husky, but I would just love to try something different with her.

This crinkly toy is red and green. It looks a little like holly with the leaves when held the right way up. These toys don’t last as long as the others, but they still last a decent time. They tend to last about six months to a year depending on the use and the style of toy. The fish from my August box had to be thrown out this month because the tail was destroyed.

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What do you think of the December 2021 Bullymake box? What have you thought of previous boxes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get your power chewers the most durable toys going with Bullymake ($).

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