Bullymake review: February 2022 unboxing

Bullymake review February 2022

Bullymake review: February 2022 unboxing

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It’s time for another look inside the Bullymake boxes. February 2022 is all about Valentine’s Day, so it’s not surprising that the box is full of items connected to the day.

I’m not sure what it is about the box this month, but I have a feeling it’s to do with scent. Whatever it is, my dogs weren’t all that impressed with the items. The rubber strawberry has a very strong scent of the fruit though and it overpowered the box, so the scent may have got onto everything else.

After a few days of the items being out of the box, I’ve seen the dogs playing with some of the toys. The crinkly heart and the “box of chocolates” have certainly been the more popular items from the box.

A duplicate from a previous year

I knew the strawberry was going to be in the box before I opened it. The strawberry is a duplicate from a couple of years ago, and it’s still going strong. The scent isn’t as strong now, but there is still a small one there.

It is a little disappointing to get a duplicate. I’ll be honest and say I’ve got so many toys now, though, that I might be at a point of canceling my Bullymake subscription for the time being. Or maybe just dropping it to once every three months or so. This duplication has made me think about it even more.

A look inside the Bullymake February 2022 box

But I’ll let you take a look inside the box. It still has everything connected to the theme, and I adore the plastic box of chocolates. There’s a lot of detail there.

The rope toy is green and pink, which is a close connection to the theme. I guess it’s a little like a lighter-colored strawberry. The ballistic toy is supposed to be a heart, I think. It does look cute, and it is already a favorite with my female husky.

I did a video of the unboxing this time so you can get a look inside the box.

@alexandria.ingham Dogs aren't with me today but video of them getting their toys to come. #Bullymake #DogToys #DogTok #huskies ♬ Happy Dog – DJ Moody
@alexandria.ingham not feeling everything in this month's box. may switch the rubber toys for another ballistic one #huskies #dogtok #bullymake #dogtoys ♬ That’s Just My Baby Doge – Chicky Milky

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