Bullymake review: January 2022 unboxing

Bullymake review

Bullymake review: January 2022 unboxing

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The January 2022 box was all about winter and the Arctic animals. Here’s my Bullymake review to see why this box is worth buying.

Before you buy any subscription box or any product online, you want to make sure it’s worth your money. My favorite subscription is the Bullymake box. It’s also my pets’ favorite purchase each month.

I have two huskies. They both love to chew and destroy everything in the house. Trying to find toys for them that are durable is near impossible. That was until Bullymake.

I’ve been a loyal subscriber to this box for a couple of years now. I still have toys from last year because they really are designed to last. Not all of them have, but the majority of them have survived and I now switch them out regularly to help give my dogs a choice and so they don’t get bored of the same toys over and over again.

The January box arrived toward the end of the month. Here’s my Bullymake review so you can decide if it’s one for you to get.

Bullymake review: January 2022

The boxes always have a theme connected to the month. January 2022 was all about the Arctic animals. Even the monthly card included a husky, which certainly put a smile on my face considering my dogs.

Each of the items connected to the Arctic animals in some way. You can see them all below in photos, but there’s a penguin, a polar bear, and I think the ballistic toy is supposed to be a shark.

The only toy that isn’t an animal is the rope toy. It’s hard to make the rope toy fit the theme sometimes, but this one does through the color of the ropes. They’re white and icy blues to bring in a sense of the snow and the cold.

The toys are certainly favorites of my dogs. My female husky loves the ballistic toys and she quickly took to the shark. My male husky switches between the plastic and the rope toys. I am thinking of not having rubber toys anymore and switching to another ballistic toy. Every now and again I see the dogs choose rubber but they mostly like the others.

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What do you like about Bullymake? Have you had a bad experience? Let me know your Bullymake review in the comments below.

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