Bullymake unboxing and review: July 2021

Bullymake review

Bullymake unboxing and review: July 2021

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July 2021 is all about the Olympics around the world. It’s no surprise that Bullymake has opted for that as a theme this month.

Each month, I get the Bullymake box for my dogs. They both love the toys. And the best thing is the toys last.

After about six months, I have to get rid of some of the nylon toys. There are times the rope toys have had to be thrown out too because they’ve just been torn to shreds, but again, it’s around six or eight months after getting them. The boxes are well worth their money if you have dogs that tear toys apart.

What I love about Bullymake is there’s a different theme each month. The toys are all connected to this theme for the most part. The only toy in the box that I’ve found isn’t quite connected is the rope toy.

July is all about the Olympics, and the box is adorable. The toys have already been put to good use when it comes to the dogs.

If you’re on the fence about buying Bullymake, you’ll want to take a look inside the new box. Let’s dive in.

July 2021 Bullymake box

I get four toys that are all different. Sometimes I change them out if I get too many of a particular type of toy (usually the rubber ones because they don’t get played with as much in this house), but I try to stick to all four toys for a good variety.

Take a look at the box:

Bullymake review
Photo credit: Alexandria Gunn

The rubber toy this month is a globe. It’s such a great size for the treats, too. It’s easy to get your hands in through the gap when getting any leftover treats out to clean them, and it’s a good size for big doggy paws to hold onto while eating the treats.

Then there’s the nylon toy, which is a table tennis racket. There are so many ways for dogs to chew on this depending on what they want to do at the time. One of mine holds onto the racket and chews the handle, but the other prefers to grab the handle and chew the racket. It’s sturdy just like I’ve come to get used to with Bullymake.

The third toy is known as a ballistic toy. It’s crinkly, which is something my female husky loves. This one looks like a dumbbell. At first I thought sleep mask, but dumbbell makes more sense for the Olympics theme. It’s quickly become a favorite out of the box with my female. The downside of these toys is they’re not as durable. It’s important to watch your dog with them. But they are so much fun for the dogs that like these types of toys.

Finally, it’s the rope toy. This is the one that doesn’t really connected to the theme. It’s hard to get a rope toy to connect. However, the colors are bright and it’s got handles either side for a good game of tug if your dog loves to do that. My male husky regularly brings rope toys over for me to play tug with.

There’s not really much more I can say that I haven’t said about previous boxes. Bullymake has done it again with another great box, and a great value for money.

By the way, I know I missed a couple of months. I’ll share my thoughts over at Instagram with photos that I took from those boxes.

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Get Bullymake boxes from the official website.

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