Bullymake review: March 2022 unboxing

Bullymake review: March 2022 unboxing

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A new Bullymake box is here. It’s time to delve into the March 2022 box for a full Bullymake review. It’s all about St. Paddy’s Day.

March is a fun month in the year. It’s the time that everyone dresses in green and celebrates even just the slightest bit of Irish they have (or don’t!) in them. Even the dogs were at it this year when it came to Bullymake toys ($).

The March 2022 box was all about St. Paddy’s Day. I made a switch this month and opted not to get a rubber toy. I opted for a second ballistic toy instead. The rubber toys aren’t a favorite for my pups, but the crinkly ballistic toys are a firm favorite for one of them.

The downside to duplicating a type of Bullymake toy

One thing I am disappointed about is that there’s not really a plan from the company for those who don’t get one of all four types of toys. While one ballistic toy had a St. Paddy’s Day theme, the second one didn’t. The second one was also a duplicate of another ballistic toy that we’ve had in the past.

Being a duplicate isn’t too bad. The dogs don’t know, and there are some that are firm favorites so duplicates are good for when something gets damaged. It’s just disappointing when you’re paying for the box and don’t get to see what’s going first. This is a downside of mystery boxes overall.

The sheet that comes with the box to give us a look at the theme also doesn’t include all the details on the back. When I get both the plastic and the rubber toys, which are the two most common ones to link to the theme, they’re included on the card. It’s possible to buy the individual toys separately if people want extras. However, when I don’t get all four types of toys, the backs of the cards don’t show the two items that can be purchased.

If I knew what the rubber toy was, I might go to the site to buy it if I felt my dogs had missed out. It’s a shame we don’t get to see what the other direct connection to the theme is.

Bullymake review for March 2022

With that being said, the box remains to be popular with my two huskies. They took the items that I expected, with my female loving the ballistic toys and my male loving the plastic and rope toys. I don’t think that’s ever going to change.

As mentioned, one of the ballistic toy sort of matches the theme of St. Paddy’s Day. It’s green and yellow, and reminds me of leprechaun clothing. However, the rope toy doesn’t seem to match the theme at all. This has happened a few times. It’s a shame green wasn’t the main color for this. I do feel like Bullymake lets us down a bit here.

The plastic toy definitely works for the theme. It’s a cute leprechaun hat. What else would you expect for St. Paddy’s Day. I do love the shape of the toy and have found my male grabbing it and chewing on the sides of the hat. It’s a good one for him to get his teeth around.

Take a look at the four toys:

Here’s my TikTok video of the dogs taking their toys:

@alexandria.ingham two happy dogs with their #Bullymake toys. #Dogtok #SiberianHuskies #huskiesoftiktok🐶🐕 ♬ Happy Dog – DJ Moody

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What do you think of the Bullymake March 2022 box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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