Bullymake November 2020 review: It’s all about Thanksgiving

Bullymake review November 2020

Bullymake November 2020 review: It’s all about Thanksgiving

It’s a new month, which means a new Bullymake box. November 2020’s theme is Thanksgiving, of course, and here’s my Bullymake review.

Once again, Bullymake has brought something that my two huskies just can’t resist. They love their toys that come from this box.

Like recent boxes, I’ve opted for one plastic, one ballistic, one rubber, and one rope toy. This gives my two dogs something that suits their personalities. One of my dogs loves to play with rope toys because he likes tug and the other loves plastic toys because she loves to chew.

Here’s a look at the Bullymake box from November 2020.

Image: Alexandria Gunn

An interactive toy for the pups

The turkey tale is a great addition for Thanksgiving. It’s the ballistic toy and is designed for interactive play. This is not going to withstand being chewed and pulled at.

However, I will admit that one of my huskies has taken the toy and is now hoarding it. She won’t let it go and now and then carries it around like it’s a pup. This is my rescue who has had litters of her own, so she is definitely a mummy dog, and you can see it at times like this.

I think it’s the size of the toy. It’s relatively big, which would usually be great for interactive play. It also looks like a small animal with a tale.

The rubber toy isn’t a favorite this time

Usually, the rubber toy is one that both dogs love. Of course, they love the fact that treats are put in these toys, but they also tend to love to just chew on them. And they’re solid enough to not worry about them breaking.

In the November 2020 box, it’s a pie It’s fitting for Thanksgiving, but for some reason both dogs turned their noses up at this one.

I don’t think this is a problem with Bullymake, but just a scent on the pie. I’m sure once there are some treats in there, it will be a firm favorite.

Image: Alexandria Gunn

Bullymake review: November 2020

Overall, the box is another good one. The plastic toy remains a favorite, and is a cute little turkey. The rope toy is a rope ball, which is great for interactive play with both dogs, especially my male husky.

With another positive experience, it remains a box that I highly recommend for those who like to treat their dogs and need something that doesn’t break easily. If you have power chewers, Bullymake is for you.

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What do you think of Bullymake November 2020’s box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you want a box after reading my Bullymake review, head directly to Bullymake’s website to place your order.

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