Bullymake October 2020 review: A Halloween treat for the pups

Bullymake October 2020 review

Bullymake October 2020 review: A Halloween treat for the pups

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After a cute lazy pup box for September, Bullymake has brought a Halloween-themed box for October 2020.

It is something that I love about Bullymake. The boxes are themed for the time of year, for something big that happens in the month. I’m expecting something Thanksgiving-themed for November, so possibly a turkey leg to chew?

Anyway, this is about the October 2020 box. Let’s take a look.

Another successful box from Bullymake

It shouldn’t be surprising to hear me rave about this box. It’s another great box, full of perfect treats for both my dogs.

There was one toy that quickly became the favorite out of the box, but it’s also one that they can’t have all the time. The ballistic toy (yep, we’ve kept one of the toys as a ballistic one) is a crinkly one that’s great for playing tug.

My boy husky loves it. He’s a tug fan.

My girl husky doesn’t like to play tug. She likes to pull at things and chew. She especially loves crinkly stuff because of the noise it makes.

The downside for her is the ballistic toy isn’t for chewing. It comes with a label to say that it’s on the softer side. To avoid choking, it’s important to keep it out of reach unless playing with her. She’s a little disappointed about that.

Image by Alexandria Gunn

The other toys in the box

We got a witches hat for one of the plastic toys, a cauldron as the rubber toy, and a red and black rope toy.

It is a shame that the rope toys can’t be shaped like the themes, but at least the coloring is just right. The black and red colors match the thoughts of Halloween perfectly, but they don’t match the toys’ colors this month.

One thing I will say is the cauldron is the perfect size. I can get my fingers in fine to grab the leftover treats inside. I recently had to put the fire hydrant in the trash because it was too long and I couldn’t get a treat out of it. It was starting to go off.

The cauldron and witches hat have a lot of detail to them. There’s a buckle on the hat, reminding me of the 18th-century style witches’ hats that you can sometimes find. The cauldron has liquid bubbling over and bubbles on the top as if that’s the liquid inside the cauldron. It’s really cute.

Image by Alexandria Gunn
Image by Alexandria Gunn
Image by Alexandria Gunn
Image by Alexandria Gunn

A great outer box for delivery

I do want to touch on the packaging for the box this month. Usually, Bullymake boxes are orange. And I swear it’s this that both my dogs see so they know it’s time for their monthly treat.

This time, it was a Halloween-themed box, coming mostly in black with some spiders and other Halloween creatures around it. My dogs weren’t as impatient with this box. It wasn’t until I started pulling out the items that they realized it was for them.

I love these little touches. The company isn’t just about selling a product, but making it special.

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Honestly, it’s one of my favorite subscription boxes. I never groan when I see the charge on my credit card. It makes me excited just as much as the dogs.

Get Bullymake directly from the website. You won’t regret it.

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