Bullymake review: Unboxing the September 2020 box

Bullymake review September 2020

Bullymake review: Unboxing the September 2020 box

I love the end of the month. It’s when we get my favorite subscription box that we buy. Right now is all about my Bullymake review for the September 2020 box.

I say this is my favorite box. It’s actually my dogs’ favorite box of the month. They both know when this arrives. I don’t know if it’s the color or scents that come from the box, but they know exactly what I’ve got in my hands and they will follow me around until I open it.

This month’s theme is clearly all about the lazy dogs, and it suits my pups perfectly. They love their home comforts, especially the couch! So, this box just immediately seemed perfect for them based on the theme.

A new toy this month

For this month, I switched to a ballistic toy. This is one we’ve never tried before, so I was a little nervous about what it would be. I switched out one of the plastic toys for it since we just have so many plastic toys now.

Well, the switch was perfect. I expected my male husky to want the toy since he likes to play fetch. Instead, my female husky took it. There were some longing looks from the male, but when he finally got a chance at it, he wasn’t interested. The female looks squeaking the squeaker in the toy while she chews a little on it.

I’m not 100% sure how long this will last. If we can get a few months out of it, I’ll be happy with that. I don’t expect toys to last forever!

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The rest of the boys

We got one rope toy, one plastic toy, and one rubber toy as well as the ballistic one. All are excellent.

The plastic one is a film reel. It’s not the favorite of the dogs, but I’ve seen them grab it now and then. We put all the toys in one box for them and they do search the box for the preferred toy at the time. It’s interesting to watch them do that.

I love the rope toy. My male husky loves to play tug with them, and this rope toy has a loop to grab hold of. It’s sturdy and I don’t feel like my pup is going to cheat too much and try to grab the toy where my hand is. I can easily move it around the loop.

As for the rubber toy, it’s been the least interesting one for the dogs. It’s a treat toy shaped like a bucket of popcorn, fitting the theme of lazy dogs perfectly. However, my dogs just haven’t taken to this one. There was an odd smell to it when we opened the box and I’m not sure if that’s what put them off. However, the shape of it is excellent. It’s not too long for when treats get stuck inside.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

Bullymake review overall

This is an excellent box, and I’m really glad we switched to the ballistic toy. I’m going to keep the settings like this for a few more months and then figure out what we’re going to do from here. With how much the dogs love their monthly toys, this is a subscription box that will stay.

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What do you think of Bullymake? Will you get it for your power chewers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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