Bullymake review: Inside the September 2021 box

Bullymake 2021

Bullymake review: Inside the September 2021 box

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Are you on the fence about the October 2021 Bullymake box? Take a look inside the September box to see what was included.

It won’t be long until my October 2021 Bullymake box is shipped. It’s a subscription I keep going on each month for the dogs, although I will admit I’m getting to the point where I have a few too many toys. There are some toys that need to be thrown out and I just haven’t got around to it. These toys are from boxes earlier in 2021 and even in 2020, so I’m not complaining too much about them.

That’s the thing. These toys are durable. I have two huskies that will chew up everything they can. They will destroy all toys in a matter of days, so the fact that the Bullymake toys last months for them makes them worth the money.

They didn’t get to see their box when it first arrived this time. They were at my ex’s house at the time, but they loved the toys as soon as they got home.

Bullymake September 2021 review

Take a look at the full box. I get four items in each box, one of each toy. You can see the rubber toy, the rope toy, the ballistic toy, and the plastic toy in this image:

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The theme seems to be all about harvest or hay barns. That certainly makes sense considering the season. That’s something else I love about the box. The toys are connected to the season in some sort of way.

Even the ballistic toy is connected to the season, and this is often one of the hardest ones to connect. It’s shaped a bit like a cowboy hat.

The rope toy is the hardest one of all to connect to the season. This one doesn’t really connect all that well. It’s made up of green, white, and black rope. The colors do connect to the other items in the box, but it’s almost impossible to make the rope toy match the theme in any other way. The dogs love the toy either way.

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What did you think of the September 2021 Bullymake box? What do you hope the October theme is? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get your box from the official site now.

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