Bullymake unboxing and review: July 2020 treats

Bullymake review July 2020

Bullymake unboxing and review: July 2020 treats

We have two huskies in the house. Both of them love to chew. And I mean chew! They will work through anything, which is why Bullymake was immediately something we snapped up when it popped up on social media.

So far, we’ve had six Bullymake boxes. That’s six months of toys. Why is this the first review? I wanted to make sure Bullymake was something I could recommend before I wrote a blog post about it.

What is Bullymake?

Made in the USA, Bullymake offers a range of toys and treats. Everything is designed for power chewers, which is something that appealed to me. As I said, I have two chewers. They have worked through so much, especially when they deal with some sort of anxiety.

Rather than let them tear the couch or damage the wall, they need toys that they can chew on.

There are two different options you can get from the subscription service. Some have treats and toys or you can opt for toys only. If you’re ordering from outside of the USA, you can only get the toys-only box. We’re in Canada, so we can only get the toys-only box, but that works for us. It’s all we wanted.

Then you pick the types of toys you want. You can choose rubber, nylon, ballistic, and rope. In the toy-only box, you get four toys. We get two nylon, a rope, and a rubber right now, but we might change this in the future. We haven’t tried the ballistic toys yet.

There is a guarantee in place. If a dog destroys a toy, you can take a picture and send it to Bullymake. Free toys are shipped as a replacement. This isn’t something we’ve tested. The toys that have been destroyed are the first ones (and the rope toys) and the way our dogs play with rope toys, we’re not surprised. After five or six months, we expect the rope toys to be destroyed!

Boxes cost $39 per month, which is extremely reasonable for great toys. You can also buy select toys individually.

Excellent, durable toys for the dogs

The biggest thing for us was getting a set of toys that will last. We find that the toys that we get from the store tend to last us a couple of weeks if we’re lucky, especially with our female husky, Mishka. She¬†loves to chew! It’s like her mission to destroy as much as possible with her teeth. Our male husky, Storm, isn’t as bad, but he does love his rope toys.

Bullymake lives up to its word. The toys are durable, especially the nylon toys. All nylon toys from the last six boxes are still going. Some of them have been lost under the couch and will be pulled out a couple of days later, but they’re still great for chewing! If you took a look at the toys, though, you’ll definitely see why we need them.

The rope toys are the weakest of the lot. However, Storm adores his rope toys. He loves to play tug, so we get him a new rope toy to play with each month.

Then there’s the rubber toy that is great for putting treats in. Some of them have been a little too sturdy. It’s hard to get our fingers in to get the broken treats out and the dogs can’t quite get enough of a gap to get them out. However, that’s something that has changed the last three months. Since the strawberry (which does still have a strawberry scent), the rubber toys have been a little softer around the gaps, so it’s possible to pull the broken treats back out. Yet, the material is still sturdy enough for the power chewers.

Bullymake review July 2020
Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

A reliable service

I’ve never had a need to contact customer service. While there is a toy guarantee, I do believe that after six months, a rope toy that has been played with on a daily basis and chewed like crazy isn’t going to last! But it’s good to know the guarantee is there.

I’ve never had a problem with a box. They’re delivered on the day the subscription is billed and they don’t take too long to get to me. Ours have to go through customs, which is where the slow-down tends to be.

Each month, we get a tracker number, so we can see where the box is in the mail.

Something that we might do is request to get a box every two months instead. We now have a lot of great nylon toys. We might switch to rope and rubber for a few boxes instead, which is easy through the Account.

A theme for the month

Something that I love is the theme for the month. It’s all linked to something connected to the season or a special event. February had hearts, while May was all about a great start to the day. The May box has been a favorite for the dogs because of the strawberry rubber toy, which was well packaged to avoid the scent coming out of the box during shipment.

The themes are cute and fun. You can see past themes here. You can also see a couple of the items in the photos above. The two rubber toys with Storm on the right are two from previous boxes. There’s just the edges of a rope toy in the photo with Mishka. In the photo of Mishka, you’ll also see why we needed the box if you look at the couch carefully!

Each month, the dogs love their box. They know when it’s their box (and we get a few subscription boxes). The Bullymake box is bright orange. Storm will keep his eyes on the box and sit in the kitchen as I’m opening it up. He then waits patiently for me to pull out the rope toy, while Mishka will wait to be given one of the nylon toys. The rubber toys are excellent for when we have to leave them for an hour or two.

We have caught Mishka stealing the toys before, especially the nylon ones. She’ll carry them to her bed, making it clear that they are not for sharing. Storm takes the ones he wants when she’s not looking. We’re fortunate to have two dogs that love each other and are just cheeky!

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Overall, Bullymake is a win. If you’re looking for something for power chewers, I can highly recommend Bullymake.

Get your first Bullymake box here, using BULLYMAKE5 to get $5 off your first order.

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