Can You Make Money Writing at The Content Authority

23 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Writing at The Content Authority

  1. This is interesting information. I enjoy writing books over articles, although I do enjoy writing for Live Encounters Magazine. This is a great avenue for new writers and those who want to build a name for themselves.

    1. Thanks. Books used to be my favorite but I think I’ve found a skill in some of the niches I write in now 🙂 Although I do still have plan for books.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. Great points for people who want to be writers for the website. Content marketing is king to website owners and many of them outsource the content.

  3. Wow, how do the writers make a living? I can see it would be good for writers when they start out, but it wouldn’t be sustainable over a long period of time and I should imagine it’s quite soul destroying.

    1. It’s not sustainable to make a living from. I use it as a top-up now and then. Private clients is the way to go to make a living writing.

  4. Funny. This was the first website that I used to start working as a freelance writer.

    I used it for a year or so until I realized that I could be making much more cash if I contacted clients directly. Haven’t used it since. It’s a decent website for people who want to make some quick cash. But don’t expect premium rates.

    1. There is certainly more money in contacting clients directly. I’ve found the same. However, this is good for those who aren’t bothered about making a lot and those who just need a backup for a quick top-up.

  5. That’s a good coverage of using the service along with a few tips. Should be helpful for people wanting to build their portfolio and get some recommendations in addition to the income.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. Glad to hear someone else agree. There are a lot of nay-sayers out there when it comes to content mills but I believe they have their benefits.

    1. I think it is, Crystal. After all, we need income from somewhere while marketing. With a good marketing plan, it doesn’t take too long to find private clients.

  6. Dear Alexandria,

    This is great information for writers and as with all things, you have to start somewhere. 🙂 It is always best to get advice from someone who has done it, my humble opinion.

    BTW, this is right in alignment with the article I’m working on right now about how to make money blogging (writing).

    I love it when things are serendipidous like that.


    Visiting from your Ultra Blog Challenge Pinterest Pin.

      1. Thanks, Kathy. That’s great to hear you’re covering this topic! I’d like to read your view of things like this. I’m spending the month covering different sites for making money writing online.

        I’m not sure why a picture for you hasn’t shown up. That is strange.

  7. Hi Alexandria,
    I’ve never heard of Content Authority, but I’m always interested in finding new places to write for and find clients. I’m definitely going to check this one out. Thanks!

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