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Why You’re Not Making It as a Freelance Writer

I’ve read a lot about people not making it as a freelance writer. They either give up because their pitches aren’t accepted or they just can’t make enough money to survive. I’ve been there and I know how it feels. Just two years ago, I was making barely enough to survive. My husband was a […]

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Blogging vs Article Writing: Knowing the Difference to Know What You Want

Blogging vs article writing. Which is the best one for you? Wait! You don’t know the difference? Whether you are a freelance writer or a business looking for content to help with marketing, you need to know the different between blogging and article writing. No. They are really not the same thing! This is a […]

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Google AdSense Changes: How Does It Affect Your Blog?

Google has announced that it is making a change to its AdSense program. Writers and bloggers who use Google websites, such as Blogger, will no longer be able to make changes to the ad sizes and placements on those blogs. This is effective from August 30, 2013. How will these Google AdSense changes affect you? […]


The Final Day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge: What I’ve Learnt and Gained and the Way Forward

The Ultimate Blog Challenge started on the July 1, 2013 and today is the last day. It’s a challenge to post every day of the month on one particular blog and is a great way to build readership, make new friends and find other blogs that are useful, fun and interesting. I’ve learnt so much […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Should You Blog on Your Website or Create a New Domain?

Blogging is an excellent way to create samples and simple write about the things within your niche that interest you and are trending. But where do you start? Should you blog on your website or have a completely different domain for it? You’ll notice that I blog on my website. I’ve chosen to do this […]

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Blogging Tips: Staying Motivated as a Freelancer

Whether it’s a long project, a website or just your daily work, having motivation is one of the biggest blogging tips I can give you. While you probably start with a lot of motivation at the beginning, how do you stay motivated as a freelancer? Without constant motivation you won’t get and keep the clients […]

Blogging Freelance Writing

Half Way Through the Ultimate Blog Challenge: A UBC Update

Instead of focusing on writing tips today, I wanted to celebrate the fact that I am half way through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. If I’m honest, I didn’t think I’d get to this point at the start! The problem for me is that when I start a challenge, other things seem to get in the […]

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