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Budget and Money

Why you need to keep your own bank account in any relationship

Whether you’re only dating or you’re getting married, the topic of joint accounts will come up. It’s certainly worth considering joining finances, but you need to keep your own bank account as well. One of the biggest mistake couples make is joining all their finances. It’s normal to think you’re creating a life together so […]

Budget and Money

Why you need to add another income stream to fight inflation

The general way people fight inflation is by cutting back on what they buy. However, you need to add another income stream. We’re all seeing inflation going up like crazy. Canada is hitting a 7% inflation hike this year, and that’s not even the peak. It’s sent prices skyrocketing, and there are a lot of […]

Budget and Money

Why I have multiple savings accounts and what they’re for

Saving money for the future is on everyone’s minds. I have multiple savings accounts, and they all have a different purpose. With the way inflation is going and the cost of living is rising, I know that the idea of saving money seems ridiculous. It is important to save when you can, though. There are […]

Budget and Money

My No. 1 tip for sticking to a budget: Do you need it?

Making a budget is easy. We can all do that. It’s sticking to a budget that’s the hardest. This is what I do to help. We’ve all made budgets before. We’ve filled out the boxes on spreadsheets to say how much we spend on rent, utility bills, groceries, and everything else. In business, we’ve said […]

Budget and Money

How to track and save money on subscription services

While we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic, there are still some financial uncertainties. It’s time to cut down on your expenditures, which means you need to track and save money on subscription services. Yes, this includes your Netflix or Hulu subscription. It certainly includes Amazon […]

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