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What Do You Do When You Need Work Right Now?

Do you need work right now? The problem with freelancing is that it can be a windy and twisty road. One week you may be jam packed and another week you may be empty. But what about when you need to pay the bills, right now? What do you do then? Depending on how long […]

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Facebook for Business Promotion: Tips to Boost Your Reach with Your Facebook Page

All businesses need Facebook. It really is that simple. However, using it isn’t so simple. Not if you want to boost your reach. You need to learn how to effectively use Facebook for business promotion. You can’t use Facebook as you would Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts. Here are some tips to boost […]

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Help! My Client Hasn’t Paid!

Most freelancers have been there at some point in their career. They’ve done all the work they promised and sent their invoice. The invoice date has been and gone but the client hasn’t paid. The freelance writer emails the client to find out where payment is but the client doesn’t respond. It takes months of […]

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Tips for Building Trust Between a Client and Freelance Writer

Any relationship has an element of trust involved. This is especially the case in the business of freelance writing. There needs to be an element of trust between clients and freelance writers—for both parties. The contract is just the start of this and here are some tips to help build that trust further. Include Detail […]

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Dealing with Rejection: How to Use that No to Improve and Succeed

If you’ve read my blog posts lately, you know that I prefer to pitch to magazines and contact businesses directly instead of using bidding websites, freelance job boards and content mills. I’m not going to lie. I’ve had my fair share of rejection from magazines and businesses but that hasn’t stopped me. Dealing with rejection […]

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Why Freelance Job Boards Aren’t Always the Best Place to Start

Are you looking for clients for your new writing business? You may consider starting with freelance job boards. There are plenty available, such as Gumtree, ProBlogger and BloggingPro. I admit that I use these types of boards quite a lot now to find quick and easy clients but I’m not sure they’re the best place […]

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Is Niche Writing a Good Decision for Your Freelance Writing Career?

You may have read about niche writing. I’ve mentioned that you need it but that you can write about anything so it gets a little confusing. Do you really need it? The truth is niche writing is a very good decision for your freelance writing career. This is the best way to boost your profits, […]

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4 Things You Need to Start Freelance Writing

So, you want to start freelance writing. Well done for getting here as it’s definitely a start! When I first started writing, I found it really hard to find blogs about the topic—about how to get started and the things I needed—it’s one of the reasons why I decided to set this blog up. Now […]

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Why I Chose to be a Writer and Work from Home

Not everyone is cut out to work from home. Not everyone can be a writer. My husband is terrible with his grammar and isn’t that great at simply getting down to the job instead of watching something on the computer at the same time or finding something else to do. I chose to be a […]

Business and Freelancing Earn Money from Writing

Top Blogs to Help Make a Living Writing

When you start freelance writing or looking into how to make a living writing, you need to read. You need to read more about others who have been through the journey. You’re on a great start by reading this blog but there are plenty more out there. I had to start somewhere. I found blogs […]

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