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Why Your Marketing Needs a Plan

Do you have a marketing plan? If not, how do you know if your techniques are working? There are many reasons to have a plan for your marketing, and this is on top of your blogging and business plan. If you don’t believe me that your marketing needs a plan right now, believe me after […]

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3 Tips for Marketing Your Blog While You’re Away

Continuing with my vacation posts, I’m looking at marketing your blog while you’re away. This is something that stumps many people, but it isn’t that difficult. I said on Monday that I would cover it, so here it is. Marketing a blog while you’re on vacation can be done in the follow three steps. Share […]

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Why Too Much Content Is Just as Bad as Not Enough

There’s a big focus on quantity rather than quality, but in truth adding too much content could be just as bad as not enough. When you’re focusing on the amount of content you’re adding to your blog or website, you’re not focusing on the quality of the message or the quality of the writing. You […]

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Do You Use Pinterest for Your Business? You Should!

Have you ever wondered whether Pinterest is worth it for your business? Especially a writing business, right! Well, the truth is that you should be using it. It’s a great visual site and most people love visuals to help them decide. I’ve used it for all types of articles and blog posts that I’ve written, […]

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Promote Your Business Through Twitter: Tweet Your Way to Success

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to tweet your way to success? Plenty of companies use Twitter as a form of promotion. It’s free, easy and you can do it anywhere. You can promote your business through Twitter and have some success. But you need to learn the dos and don’ts. Are you […]

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What Do You Do When You Need Work Right Now?

Do you need work right now? The problem with freelancing is that it can be a windy and twisty road. One week you may be jam packed and another week you may be empty. But what about when you need to pay the bills, right now? What do you do then? Depending on how long […]

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Facebook for Business Promotion: Tips to Boost Your Reach with Your Facebook Page

All businesses need Facebook. It really is that simple. However, using it isn’t so simple. Not if you want to boost your reach. You need to learn how to effectively use Facebook for business promotion. You can’t use Facebook as you would Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts. Here are some tips to boost […]

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Freelance Writing Marketing Tips You Need to Use

If you want better paying clients, you need to market your business. You need to prove you’re worth the better pay and contact the right type of clients. That doesn’t mean you have to do the things you hate. I hate cold calling but I don’t mind cold emailing. If I had to cold call […]

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Analysis of the Benefits of the New Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has released a new feature. This is nothing as time-consuming as the Timeline that was released in 2012. The Facebook Graph Search offers many benefits for local marketers, as long as their page is ready for it. You could soon find that you gain more customers or clients with half the work. Focus on […]

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How to Hire Freelance Writers

If you’ve decided that freelance writers are people you want to hire, you need to find the perfect ones. Determine your budget and then take a few steps to find someone who will work with you. While you have a budget in mind, remember that the writers will have their own rates. If you have […]

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