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Are business courses really worth it?

You’ll find a lot of people have business courses to offer. Some are purely about writing, while others are for social media, business coaching, legal bits and pieces, or even SEO. They can teach you how to make $1,000 per month off a great client or how to make money through affiliate marketing. And some […]


5 things I wish I’d known about my side hustle

My side hustle was freelance writing. For others, it’s all about photography, woodwork, crafting, or something completely different. I jumped into my side hustle as a freelance writer without it actually being a side hustle. I was actually unemployed and struggling to job hunt. I decided against the job hunt and started up my writing […]


5 top tools for time management when working from home

You want to find success when you’re working from home. That means managing all the tasks without the distractions around the house. It’s not easy, which is why you need the right tools for time management. It doesn’t really matter what you do when you’re working from home. You could be self-employed or forced to […]


Why you shouldn’t feel bad for choosing a job over freelancing

Freelancing is damn hard. Yes, it really is, and anyone who tells you otherwise is downright lying. There are plenty who feel bad choosing a job over freelancing because they’re led to believe that freelancing is so much better. I’ve been a freelance writer since 2010. I’ve had some up and down years, PITA clients, […]


How I kept my freelance business alive during a second baby break

I’ve been on maternity leave twice. Both times, I’ve managed to keep my freelance business alive. I’ll admit that in 2012, I didn’t have that much of a business to keep alive. There wasn’t as much pressure on me to return back at the same point I left. In 2016, I took my second baby […]


How getting your work-life balance is good for your mental health

Getting a work-life balance is essential. It doesn’t matter what you do as a work at home mom. You need that balance between your career, parenting, and your own time away from everything. It’s not just about looking after your physical health but also looking after your mental health. There are times that I need […]

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