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Why You Need a Tooth Fairy Tradition

My eldest daughter (Monkey) recently lost her seventh baby tooth. She’s only just turned seven and she’s already on the verge of losing her eighth. Monkey is already getting ready for the tooth fairy coming after they visit the Dentists in Chapel Hill, NC clinic, if you would like to be a dentist in the […]


Do Work at Home Moms Need to Arrange Childcare?

As a freelance writer, I chose to put my elder daughter into nursery when she was about 18 months old. I didn’t have to for my work. Not really. It wasn’t like I couldn’t work with her around. There were lots of factors that made us decide that nursery was right for our daughter. Work […]


Juggling Writing and a Newborn: Effective Tips to Help

Juggling a newborn with your writing isn’t going to be easy. I remember the first time I had to do it, and while she wasn’t a newborn when I went back to work, I did have to rearrange a few things to make it all work. This time, my daughter will only be a few […]


Returning to Work After a Long Break

I’ll soon be thinking about returning to work after taking a long break. My maternity leave will be over and I’ll need to build up my work load again. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this. I did it back in 2013 after having my first child. I was blessed to be […]


Finding the Time to Write With New Babies Around

I’ll have a new baby in the house any day now. I’m not officially due until January 16, but my c-section is booked for January 11. It’s now the countdown. With a toddler already in the house, I know some people who have questioned how I’ll find the time to write. Yes, I’ll be taking […]

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