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Photo/Video Tips

4 Ways a Killer Podcast Will Help Your Blog Succeed

Have you considered podcasting yet? This is something that I’m not doing yet but certainly am considering it in the future. Plenty of blogger and writer friends are doing it and they’ve found that podcasting has helped their blog succeed. In fact a killer podcast will help your blog succeed too. We tend to want […]

Photo/Video Tips

Why Make Your Own Videos for Your Blog Posts?

I’m going back to the talk about adding videos to your blog posts. They’re extremely powerful, as many agree with me. The next question is whether you should make your own videos for blog posts, or can you use those already made? I’ve talked about how to find videos already made, but there are many […]

Photo/Video Tips

How to Find Videos on YouTube for Your Blog

While I talked a lot yesterday about adding your own videos to your blog posts, you can also add other people’s videos. I do this a lot when I’ve not got the time or not got the ability to create a video for my own blogs. There are already many videos on YouTube to find […]

Photo/Video Tips

4 Reasons to Add Videos to Your Blog Posts

Ever considered whether you should add videos to your blog posts? Many people seem to do it, and not just those reviewing a product, TV show or movie. More and more businesses are turning to video. And so should you. Video is an extremely powerful tool for businesses. It can be used in blog posts, […]

Photo/Video Tips

5 Tips to Find Great Looking Images You Can Legally Use

Copyright is a word you’ll hear a lot as an online writer. It’s not just about the copyright of your own articles, but the copyright of images that you decide to use. Before you even think about taking an image to use in your blog posts, you need to make sure you can legally use […]

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