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How YouTube has Just Supported My Point about Passive Income in 2018

Recently I shared a post about my honest view about passive income in 2018. Days later I received an email to tell me that my YouTube account would soon be no longer suitable for ads. YouTube’s actions prove my point about passive income this year. The video-sharing website is moving the goal posts. To be […]


Lack of Time Isn’t an Excuse Not to Meet Your Goals

Lack of time isn’t an excuse to not meet your writing goals. I’ve been using it, but today I made the decision that it is time to stop. After all, these goals are important to me and if I can’t find time then why should I set them? One of my goals for this month […]


Introduction to Me: Video Challenge Day 1

I have gone and done it. I’ve started the challenge to do videos to share my experiences and tips. This month I’ll be updating my blog three times a week with videos, and will include the (sort of) transcripts below for those who prefer to avoid them (and if the sound quality isn’t great). I […]

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