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How to Repurpose Your Blog Content With Video

Repurposing content is one thing that you need to do with anything you put on your blog. I’m not just talking about rewriting your content into a new blog post. I want you to do something different. Vlogging is something that I did during the start of this year and I returned to it last […]


Setting Your Writing and Business Goals: My December 2016 Goals [Video]

I’m a little late to the month, but better late than never, right? Setting business and writing goals is really important to me. I need something that keeps me on track for the month and pushes me forward when the motivation lacks. My business goals aren’t always ones that I reach. In fact, there were […]


Lack of Time Isn’t an Excuse Not to Meet Your Goals

Lack of time isn’t an excuse to not meet your writing goals. I’ve been using it, but today I made the decision that it is time to stop. After all, these goals are important to me and if I can’t find time then why should I set them? One of my goals for this month […]

Earn Money from Writing Vlogging

The Plan for the Month Ahead

It’s day two of my own video challenge, and I’m really happy to say that the sound quality with my laptop is so much better. I’m just really sorry about the glare from my glasses. I can’t do much about that though, and wouldn’t be able to see the laptop screen without them (yesterday I […]

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