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Tax Time as a Freelance Writer: Claiming Your Home Office Costs

Most freelance writers work from home. While that helps to cut down on travel costs, unless you have business meetings or conferences you want to attend, there are other costs associated with home offices. There is some good news when it comes to tax time for freelance writers. There are a number of home office […]

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Tax Time as a Freelance Writer: Remember Your Travel Expenses

Tax time isn’t that far away. For those in the UK, the deadline for last year’s self-assessment is January 31, 2014. In the US, tax time is in April, as far as I believe. The two systems are completely different, along with every other country’s tax system, but one this is the same. Freelance writers […]

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4 Simple Steps to Set Your Freelance Writer Rate

There are so many questions surrounding the amount to charge for your writing services. The truth is there’s no set amount. It depends on a few factors. I’ve heard from other writers that you shouldn’t charge less than $100 for 500 words, or that you should charge $300 for 300 words (yes, some writers do […]

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Why You’re Not Getting Quality Writing

Whether you’re a business looking to hire a blogger or you’re a freelancer looking to outsource your work, you need quality writing. Have you ever found that you’ve hired someone you thought was a professional, only to find that it was a waste of money? You simply can’t use the work or, as a freelance […]

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4 Tips for Determining Your True Hourly Rate

I’ve spoken in the past about determining your hourly wage. It’s something I’ve mentioned to students in the past and something I recommend in Facebook groups. But how do you determine your hourly rate? How do you know just how much you need to make per hour? This isn’t a case of looking at the […]

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Why Writer’s Need a Good Hourly Wage

If you worked in a job in the UK, you’d earn a minimum of £6.19 per hour (based on being 21 and over). As a freelancer, your hourly wage needs to be much higher than that! You need to be aiming for the £30, £50, even £100 per hour. In the USA and other countries, […]

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What Determines a Writer’s Pay: Get Paid More for Your Talent

You will have heard me say that you’re worth more than you get paid writing for content mills. You really are! But what determines a writer’s pay? How do you know just how much you’re worth? There are a few factors that affect your worth as a writer. Part of this is uncontrollable by you […]

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Want to Find Better Paying Clients?

Are you on a journey to find better paying clients? You deserve to be paid your worth—and that’s more than $5 or $10 per blog post or a cent a word. Wondering where those great payers are? The truth is they’re all around you but you need to get out and market yourself. You need […]

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