Why children need to see you have a work-life balance

Why children need to see your work-life balance

Why children need to see you have a work-life balance

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A work-life balance is important, but it’s not just for you. Your children need to see you have this sort of balance in your life.

If you haven’t created a work-life balance, I want you to spend some time focusing on that. I can tell you from experience that this is going to do you wonders. You’ll work smarter and better. Your business will grow, and your children will be happier to see you have this balance.

It’s actually very important for children to see that you have a work-life balance*. This means seeing that you can spend some time with them or hear what you do to look after yourself.

With a 50/50 share with my ex, I spend a lot of time making sure my children know that I don’t just work when they’re not with me. They know I have some time to myself and how I look after myself. I also make sure I spend a lot of time that I do get with them just with them, whether it’s a trip to the library or to the parkā€”not everything has to cost money.

Why children need to see moms having a work-life balance

We live in a capitalist society. There is a lot of worth on how a business is performing and how much money we have. There’s a push not to take time off work. If we do, we don’t get money, right? This is such an unhealthy way to live.

The capitalist society that we live in now isn’t all that sustainable. Children need to see that there are other options. I remember growing up with parents who worked in jobs that while they didn’t mind, those jobs weren’t passions. I thought that was what life had to be like until I started growing up and seeing that didn’t need to be the case.

It is possible to enjoy the work you do. Part of enjoying work involves a work-life balance. You need to feel like work is a part of life and not that work is to ensure you live. Children need to see that, too.

If they see it, they can help to bring a change to the workplace. Maybe they’ll follow their passions right away. Maybe they’ll just know how they want a workplace to treat them. Maybe they’ll become the managers who make sure others have a work-life balance.

Our children are the ones who will help change the world. They need to see from us that life isn’t all about work. They need to see that they can close the door on work or ignore their work emails when they’re on vacation or even just at the weekend. Set them up for success.

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Do you struggle with a work-life balance? What are you struggling with as a WAHM? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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