3 daily habits of successful freelance writers

Daily habits of successful freelance writers

3 daily habits of successful freelance writers

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If you want to become one of the many successful freelance writers out there, you need to develop some daily habits. Here are three habits you’ll want to get used to.

You want to be a successful freelance writer. You see them out there, so it’s clear that it is possible. But you’re just not getting the work that you need or want.

It could be that you haven’t set the habits that successful writers have. That’s not a problem. You can do it all right now. And the sooner you start, the easier it is to make the good habits stick.

These are three habits successful freelance writers have that you need to get into right now.

Marketing, marketing, and more marketing

Marketing is the best way to build clients. They’re not going to come to you straight away, and others aren’t going to refer you right away.

It’s time to get out the email and pick up the phone. I know what you’re thinking: but I hate marketing. I hated it too, but remember this is a business.

I still tend to avoid the cold calls. I send emails instead and will use social media, including SMM panels, to help me. I’ll call if I’ve built up some sort of relationship with them first, but tend to avoid the phone as much as possible since I really hate talking on it. With the aid of SMM panel, I can efficiently manage my social media outreach, ensuring that my interactions are targeted and effective, ultimately leading to stronger connections and more fruitful engagements.

Skype is another option to use for marketing if you do need to call someone. Zoom is becoming popular as well, and I’ve also had success with Google Meet.

Block out some time in your week to focus on marketing, and marketing* only. I spend two hours a week just solely on marketing now but used to do an hour a day.

Successful freelance writers plan out their day

If you’re anything like me, you can’t plan too much* too far in advance. I have a small child and there’s always something that happens (I swear I’m a jinx for the bad stuff to happen).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan out your day, or even your week. I even have posts planned for the whole year for some of my blogs!

Successful freelance writers will create a to-do list for their jobs to make sure they meet all their deadlines and can fit in all their appointments. They then work through that to-do list until everything is ticked off.

Do new things arise during the day? Of course they do. They’re added into the list where needed or pushed onto the next day.

Does the plan go awry? Yes! The trick here is to plan with gaps so there is time for something to overrun or the two-year-old to get the crayons stuck up her nose…

Saying no to projects

Wait, am I serious with this one? Well, yes I am! Successful freelance writers really do say no.

I say no if it’s a project I’m really not interested in, or when it’s just too large for me to handle. I’ll also say no if a client wants a rate that is too low. Just today I turned down a freelance writing gig because the pay was just so ridiculously low. The potential client apologized when I explained (politely) why, and has agreed to let me know if the rate goes up to meet my minimum.

Just because you say no, doesn’t mean you burn bridges.

There have been times that I’ve said no and recommended someone else I know will do the project. That’s because I hate letting people down or feeling like I’ve been picky and mean. But it also prevents the burning of bridges because I’ve been somewhat helpful.

Do you have the three habits that successful freelance writers have? If not, don’t worry. You can develop them! We all do it.

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What habits have you picked up to be successful in your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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