Please, sir; the dog ate my titles!

Blog post titles
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

I know I promised a blog post about application process tips for revenue share sites, but I just had to bring up something a little personal for the day. After writing my blog posts yesterday, I went to put my girls to bed. I came back to my notebooks and diary to find that my pup decided to destroy them. Well, not completely destroy, but he did decide that my titles for the whole of this 30-Day Blogging Challenge were interesting–or just not that great! Instead of working on the post about tips on applying to residual income sites, I had to put together the jigsaw puzzle that my pup made for me.

The whole point of writing down the titles was to make sure I had them. I’d made these titles last month, so I couldn’t remember all of them. Rather than just trash everything and try to start from the beginning, I decided to put the pieces of the jigsaw back together to figure them out. That did mean little time to actually write one of the blog posts. So, I’m pushing things back by a┬áday.

Of course, there’s a lesson in this for you. One would be not to leave your notebooks out around a puppy. But that isn’t always realistic. The best lesson is to not just make one copy of all your post ideas. I always say not to rely on technology. It can crash on you and things can be accidentally deleted. I suggest backing things up. Well, that’s the case for your notebooks too. You just don’t know what will happen. Why would you only want one copy of your notes? One copy of your titles?

Blog post titles
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

From now on, I’ll at least take a photo of title ideas that I write down. I’ll make sure there’s a second copy somewhere to use, so I don’t have to do something like this again. This is important when you’re making money through revenue share sites. You don’t want to spend too much time figuring out titles all over again. That’s one sure-fire way to lose momentum!

Have you had something crazy like that happen before? Has something similar happened when using revenue share sites? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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