What your website’s domain name says about you

Domain Name Tips: Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Business

What your website’s domain name says about you

You need a domain name, also known as a URL, for your blog. Whether you have a free or paid for domain name, you need to have a name that somehow links to your brand or business. There are no ifs or buts about it.

Choosing just any URL won’t do. I’ve tried to help you choose your domain name in the past, but right now it’s time to look at what your domain name will say about you and your business. What does it tell someone when they type it in or find it in a Google search? What will it tell someone who picks up your business card?

Some of this will depend on if you’ve chosen a specific business name or a brand. But for the most part here’s a look at what your domain name says about you.

It says what you do

In the majority of cases, your URL will be your business name or your brand. It tells someone what you offer and who you are. Even if your business name doesn’t actually state clearly what you do, people will know what to expect.

I opted for branding around my own name for this website. What it tells someone is that they will find something that I offer. It helps with branding on social media. If they’ve seen my name somewhere else, they get an idea of what I’ll offer through the blog. If they’ve had coaching off me in the past, they know my website will offer them something similar.

On another blog, it’s branded to the site name. The domain name clearly states who my audience is intended to be and what I’ll help them achieve. They gain more details when they look at the blog, but they get an initial idea as to whether the site is for them or not.

Choosing Your Website URL


Make sure your domain name says the right thing about you

Make your URL memorable. It needs to tell people who you are and help them find you again at a later date.

Watch out for words that are similar and avoid words that are trademarked names. Putting “Disney” or “Amazon” in your domain name is a big no-no and you can be sued!

You’ll also want to look at how the wording works out as one full word. Does your business run the risk of spelling out rude or questionable words by mistake when you remove the spaces? I remember the time “Susan Album Party” trended on Twitter with a hashtag. #susanalbumparty ended up being the phrase. Can you see a problem?

While you want to make it clear what you offer, you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself. Think about possibly expanding yourself at a later date. Will you be able to expand to a different state or country through the initial domain name you’ve chosen?

Your domain name says everything about you. It tells people what to expect before they make it to your website and lets them know they’re going to the right place. Think now about what your domain name will be to make sure you give them the right impression.

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