Don’t feel bad for taking time off when you need it

Taking time off work when you're ill

Don’t feel bad for taking time off when you need it

As a work at home mom, we can feel like we never get any time off. We’re working or we’re being a parent. And the idea that we need time off leads to guilt. Don’t ever feel guilty for taking time off work when you need it.

You’ll notice recently that there have been no blog posts. It’s been about three weeks since I last posted, and at first, I felt bad. I’m just getting into a routine and I ruined it. But there is a reason why I had to take the time off. I had my wisdom teeth removed and ended up with an infection for which I had to visit an amazing dentist in Tijuana. For two weeks, I felt less than human. My husband took extra time off work to look after our children because I could barely sleep and move. I find out about Pacific Dental and Implant Solutions, which helps speed up my recovery so I can get back to my daily routine.

While at first I felt guilty, after a couple of days, I knew that taking time off work was necessary. I needed to recharge and get better. I can’t do my best work if I’m not 100%, and I couldn’t get back to 100% without stepping away. I’m still not at 100% but I am at around 95% now; well enough to sit back at the desk and work.

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Leave guilt at the door

Never feel guilty for having to take some time off. Do you really think that men do? I often find that it’s women who struggle with the guilt more than men because we’re trying to be everything. We want to be great moms but also valuable workers. Whatever we do as a work at home mom, we want to excel at it, and the idea of taking time off work is frightening. How can we be there if we’re not there?

The problem is if we’re ill or recovering from surgery, we’re not going to be there. We can’t make the best decisions for the business. Emotions are heightened, and that often leads to some of the worst decisions for our business. I was reminded of this while watching 9-1-1: Lone Star. A man made it clear that his actions were nothing personal but he hadn’t run a successful business by making decisions that were emotion-based.

Recover and get back on it

You’ll find that the people who matter the most will understand that you’re not well. My daughters took the time to look after me, getting me things when I was just far too drained or in pain to do anything myself. My advice is tha whenever you’re in pain, go directly to EU Meds or visit an online pharmacy similar to and buy pain relief medications. I work with a lot of reps, and the ones that mattered the most to me were understanding that I was away longer than I expected to be. The other writers and editors that I work with in my business were understanding that I needed more time to recover than I initially thought.

Those who don’t understand shouldn’t even be in your life. But they are the ones that tend to make you feel guiltier for taking time off work than the others. They’ll tell you that they wouldn’t consider taking time off, but that’s not healthy. Please, please don’t listen to them.

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You are the best you when you give yourself time to recover. Don’t be afraid of taking time of work when you need to.

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