Evergreen Content vs. Seasonal Blog Posts: Which Is Better to Do?

evergreen content vs. seasonal blog posts
Should your blog be like a forest and keep its content evergreen?

Should you focus on evergreen content or are seasonal blog posts better for your needs? Part of this depends on the reason for your blog. But evergreen definitely has a few more benefits than a blog purely full of seasonal posts.

To help you make your decision, I’m going to run through a few scenarios for a blog and discuss which one is better for your needs in the battle between evergreen content vs. seasonal blog posts.

The Blog to Make Residual Income

If all you want a blog or website for is to make yourself some residual or passive income, evergreen content is your friend. This will be relevant throughout the year, so people are more likely to click, read and get something from it.

It also increases your chance of the right type of ads to show up or to help you use affiliate products that sell throughout the year.

However, there’s nothing wrong with the odd seasonal post. I write for Untrained Housewife and have a few seasonal crafts up. They may not do well over the course of the whole year but when the season rolls around, they do well.

I’ll post the odd seasonal piece throughout the year. This is because people are looking for that type of thing and it helps the income during the month. However, I’ll focus on a season for each month to make sure there is something for each one.

In the end, those seasonal posts stay up and are found the next year and the year after.

A Website for Selling Specific Products

Maybe you have a Halloween store or sell handmade Christmas ornaments. A website that sells all these specific products will work well with seasonal content. You need something for that specific season.

Saying that, in the war of evergreen content vs. seasonal blog posts, there is still the possibility that evergreen can work out. It could be a craft that can be adapted for seasonal needs or a recipe that is easily used during the seasonal time.

You have to think about the type of things people would search for when looking into your specific season.

Blogs that Offer Help Throughout the Year

Do you like to help others? Maybe your blog offers tips for handling the finances or car advice. Whatever it is, blogs that offer help throughout the year need content that is going to be read throughout the year.

What do you think wins in the evergreen content vs. seasonal blog post war? The answer may surprise you: both are just as good and having a mix is excellent.

You need evergreen content that translates throughout the year. Maybe saving tips that can be used in the run up to Christmas, for a wedding or just for life in general. But it is worth having seasonal blog posts to help at specific times of year. People will search for those types of posts in the run up to Christmas, Easter or even the summer holidays.

So, which do you think is best? It will really depend on the type of website or blog you have and what you want to gain from it. Evergreen content vs. seasonal blog posts isn’t always black and white. One doesn’t win over the other. There are pros and cons to each one that you need to consider when creating something.

What do you think in the debate of evergreen content vs. seasonal blog posts? Do you prefer evergreen for your blog or does seasonal content really benefit it?

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13 thoughts on “Evergreen Content vs. Seasonal Blog Posts: Which Is Better to Do?

  1. I would imagine a mix of both types of blog post would be the ideal situation.
    I haven’t achieved the ‘ideal situation’ yet myself … but I’m working on it 😉

    1. I think you’re right there, Suzanna, but I also think it depends on the type of blog or website you have too. I haven’t found the ideal balance either yet but I know I will do eventually. Just keep working on it, like you said.

  2. Obviously, if you are running a pop-up shop, then topical, seasonal posts are the way to go. Otherwise, you should use a blend of both…Because even though you want your blog to stand the test of time, as Xmas approaches, Independence Day, etc- those events are everpresent in your readers’ minds, so cater to those needs- and they will come back for your evergreen content later.

    1. Great tips, Roy. I saw a lot of Halloween focused posts last month and have since gone back to see the evergreen posts that they’ve written.

  3. Wow these are very helpful hints for someone who is just starting out. They will be very helpful when I do make the switch to my own self hosted blog.

    1. Even without a self-hosted blog, you can take advantage of them. You’ll have the posts then for when you do make the switch. Good luck and thanks!

  4. This is very useful info. I am a coach so evergreen is my choice. However, when you mentioned that people search throughout the year for the seasonal post, I learned something new and will do that as well. Thanks for this post.

    1. Thanks, Rochelle. I’ve found over the last year that seasonal posts can help give a little boost at certain times of the year, whether it’s financial or readers. I’ve always focused on evergreen but will be adding a few more seasonal posts from now on.

  5. Alexandria, I would say that I prefer the evergreen content. The evergreen content aligns more with my content marketing strategy. However, I can imagine that seasonal content drives a lot of traffic, as buyers are looking for information that will help them enjoy the season even more.

    1. Hi, Karl

      It definitely depends on your reason for your website. This blog definitely benefits more from evergreen content but a few of my other blogs have seasonal posts that do well at certain points in the year but they’re geared to work with evergreen and seasonal posts. Thanks for your comment.

    1. I think a mixture of the posts is great. There’s not always something going on to create seasonal posts. During those quieter months, something evergreen is a great way to keep people coming back and to have something for everyone. They’re still shareable too. I find a lot of my evergreen posts are shared on social media because they never get old.

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