Is Finding a Writing Mentor Really That Important?

Is Finding a Writing Mentor Really That Important?

I know plenty of people looking to become a freelance writer. While they search for information online, they overlook one of the most valuable ways to learn the skills and build their experiences. A writing mentor is one of the most powerful ways to become a better writer.

I totally understand why you don’t want to hire a mentor. When you’re just starting out with your career, you want to reduce your outgoings as much as possible. You want to look for free ways to gain information. A writing mentor can cost you $20+ per month, depending on how many hours you book up and what you want to gain.

Avoiding hiring a mentor is something I initially did. When I finally hired a mentor and business coach, my abilities as a writer increased ten-fold. I gained clients that I could have only ever initially dreamed of gaining.

While this may be a little biased, I do believe finding a writing mentor is extremely important. Here’s a look at why I believe this.

You Learn from Mistakes a Writing Mentor Made

All new writers make mistakes. Hell, all veteran writers make the odd mistake here and there. Mistakes are a part of the learning process, but you don’t need to make them yourself to gain knowledge. You can learn from others’ mistakes; learn what not to do before you even do it.

I can’t tell you the amount of people I see in groups online asking for tips on how to handle a situation after it’s happened. They’re situations that I got into in the past or situations my business coaches and writing mentors got into. These are situations that could have been avoided has the person hired a writing mentor or coach before jumping in.

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Mistakes such as finding non-paying or PITA clients, suffering with lack of responses from pitches, and even failing to deliver according to deadlines. They’re all mistakes that could break your career if you let them continue. But they’re also mistakes that you could avoid.

With a mentor, you have the chance to learn from them. You get to hear about the mistakes they made and what you can do instead. There’s an opportunity to learn and grow without even getting your first client.

There’s the Potential of Gaining Clients

When I hired my first mentor, I gained new clients. How did this work? Well, it wasn’t through rigorous pitches or updated methods of communication.

I managed to develop a network and I gained new networking skills to use elsewhere. Finding writing clients can be a case of “it’s who you know.” My business coach new of people looking for writers. She was able to recommend me to her friends or her network, and I gained at least one client from that connection.

This isn’t going to happen every time, but it is a valuable outcome. I quickly gained the cost of the writing mentor back through the clients I gained.

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You Can Get Feedback on Your Writing

Writing coaches can look over your writing, your pitches, and more. This is a way to gain feedback without hiring an editor. I still recommend hiring an editor, but the writing mentor will know things from a business point of view. They’ll know whether something is actually going to gain the attention you want it to.

Sometimes the feedback is going to be negative. Good mentors will give constructive criticism, though. While it’s initially negative, there’s a look at how to make your writing and your pitches better.

Your writing mentor wants you to succeed. This means they want you to improve your writing and pitches. After all, why would you stick with a mentor who doesn’t help your business progress?

Hiring a writing mentor is an investment of your money and your time. There is far more than learning how to be a writing involved. You build on business sense, learn from mistakes without making them, and improving your network.

Would you like to become a better writer? I highly recommend mentoring services. If you would like to find out about my mentoring services, you can check out my packages or get in touch via email.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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