Is Fiverr a Good Site for Freelance Writers?

Is Fiverr a Good Site for Freelance Writers?

Could you make money with a micro-job site?
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While I always say looking for your own private clients is the best way to start freelance writing, some people don’t have the time or really want to do that. Freelance bidding sites and micro-job sites are often the place to start, even if it is just to test the waters of the freelance world or build up clips.

Fiverr is one site for freelance writers. It’s a micro-job site where gigs start from $5. That means you need to offer something for $5 and then you can build that up from there.

I’ve been on the site for three years, and still offer my skills on the site just as a side business. I’m not willing to let up an income stream, even though I do have my private clients. But is Fiverr a good site for freelance writers?

The Minimum $5 Isn’t That Much

The fact that you have to offer something for $5 can turn a lot of freelancers off. I understand that. It turned me off the idea at first.

That was only until I realized that I had control over how much I offered for $5. Right now, I offer 350 word articles for the base gig. Most topics are easy to write about, and I am a quick typer so I don’t mind that amount. That’s just for general articles. I have a sales copy gig that is 100 words for $5.

You can also build your gigs up from there. Be very clear in your gig descriptions and you could end up making more money on Fiverr. As you build your levels, you get gig extras and it’s worth thinking about them from the beginning. I decided to offer my research skills for images and keywords on a topic for extra.

Fiverr Does Favor the Buyers

The Customer Support on Fiverr isn’t exactly the best. The buyers are favored, considering they’re the ones putting the money into the system. It’s a pain for a lot of sellers if you look through the forums.

However, I’ve not had that many scam buyers; and you get difficult clients wherever you look! After some time in the freelance writing world, I’ve learned the signs that a client/buyer is going to be difficult, and tend to avoid working with them as much as possible.

An issue with Fiverr is that once the buyers purchase a gig, you will need to work on it. There is a cancellation option, but it can affect your ability to build your levels on the site.

The 20% Commission

For every $5 you make on the site, Fiverr takes $1. That’s a 20% commission, and needs to be something you consider when setting your initial gig. Really, I’m making $4 for each 350 words of content I write, rather than $5.

20% is a large cut to take, and you’ve got to decide whether it’s too much for you. It certainly is for many freelance writers.

Can’t Take Buyers Off the Site

You can’t use Fiverr to start a relationship with someone and then get them to order off the site. You’re not allowed to share any contact information, unless it is for the use of the gig. That can limit you, if you’re looking for somewhere to quickly grab a few clients and then work with them without Fiverr taking the 20% commission.

It’s a draconian rule. I know!

So, what do you think? Is Fiverr a good site for freelance writers?

I’ll be honest and certainly see a lot of bad points. I started three years ago, and the site has made changes not necessarily for the better. However, it could be a site if you’re looking to get a few clips to use as samples to get private clients elsewhere.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

22 thoughts on “Is Fiverr a Good Site for Freelance Writers?

  1. I think Fiverr is a good start for small entrepreneurs (from the buyer side) but I don’t think is a good think for the one that offers the services. If you do a job for 4$ I don’t think it is worth it but I think that as you said, you have to build up on what you offer as service to make some money out of it.

    1. The money definitely isn’t in the $4 jobs. My average sale on the site is $20, because of all the extras I offer, but you don’t get to start out with them. It’s worth just planning ahead for them as soon as one joins up.

  2. I’ve used Fiverr before as a buyer but never thought of being a freelancer. $4 does seem like a very small about but I guess like you wrote, it depends what you offer and how much time you put in.

    1. It really does depend on what you offer, Salma. For many it is a ridiculously small amount. I know how long it takes me to write 350 words, and as long as the topics are easy to research I’m more than happy. In fact, I make sure buyers send me reference links if it is difficult to research to save time.

    1. It’s good as long as you’re willing to find the best way to make money (small services for a small amount of money). I guess it also depends on the amount of time you’re willing to spend for a $4 reward 🙂

  3. As usually, Alexandria – very insightful and a huge help for those who are starting out. My daughter in-law, who is today a very successful make-up artist (can’t do that online!), worked for a whole year for (almost) nothing, just to build her network and her reputation. I guess it depends on your bigger picture and where you are going with this.

    Also, when you write a lot you also build up your CONTENT a lot of which can be “recycled” – amended and adapted to meet the needs of new clients, which obviously saves time and makes it easier.

    THANKS again! Appreciated. HUGS <3

    1. You’re welcome, Judy. You are so right about using the content for others by recycling it. I know the same topics have come up for multiple clients in the past, and I end up using the basis of the content and changing it to make it all unique. This certainly helps to keep the research time to a minimum.

    1. I get a couple each day at the moment. Most are from buyers that I’ve built up a relationship with, so I know that I can trust them to work with me if there’s something they don’t like (doesn’t usually happen). I’ve used Fiverr for buying eBook covers too but find it can be hit and miss to find decent ones.

  4. Alexandria,

    I’m a buyer and seller on Fiverr. I’ve been lucky to find some pretty good workmanship on the site. I’ve never purchased any writing gigs though.

    If you can find a good writer, they’d be a great resource for writing original material. It would be more economical to purchase a PLR pack, but sometimes you need something for a specific niche.

    I’ve had success with selling as well. I actually had two content packs on the site that sold. It’s a good starting ground in which to provide services.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks for sharing it from both sides, Cynthia. I’ve never considered selling content packs, but it might be something I have to look out for. I used to have an eBook up there, but took it down after I decided to sell it through Amazon exclusively. I’ve had a lot of work come through on Fiverr over the last three years, and developed some great relationships. It’s just a shame that it’s all restricted to the site.

  5. I think you made a great point: don’t sell one $5 gig on fiverr – use that as a lead-in price and offer service extenders to push up the value of a sale. Cheers, Mel.

  6. Fiverr can be good but I do prefer working one on one with clients. Be very careful when planning your gigs to make sure they’re worth the time! Writing a 500 word article for $4 isn’t worth it but if you’re fast at creating graphics it could be worth it.

    I have a friend who does social media graphics on there and he makes 5 for $5 but he made templates ahead of time so it only takes him a a minute to make each one.

    1. Yup, 350 words for $5 is perfect for me. The 100 words for $5 of sales copy is even better 🙂 Mine are beneficial with all the gig extras, though.

      I’ve heard of people spending hours working for just $5. It’s so easy to fall into that trap, and one to stay away from!

    1. There are a lot of great graphic artists out there. But there are some dodgy ones too. As a buyer, you’ve got to be really careful now.

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