What is FOMO and are you suffering from it?

How to Beat FOMO

What is FOMO and are you suffering from it?

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You may have heard of the term FOMO. It stands for Fear of Missing Out.

In other words, you’re so worried that you’re going to miss out on whatever the event is or the offer is that it’s taking over your life. As a WAHM, you need to plan your time well, and FOMO can cause problems financially and practically.

The fear of missing out can be linked to events and offers. Recently, The Genuis Blogger’s Toolkit was available to purchase. It comes around every year around this time, and I will admit that it’s an excellent resource. However, it may not have been in your budget for the month because you didn’t plan for it.

Because of FOMO, you may have purchased it anyway. You were afraid that you’d miss out on the offer, something that is often available as a flash sale later in the year or early in the new year. You worry that your business will suffer because you’re not planning on getting it, so you buy it anyway.

Now your budget is out of whack. You need to look at it again.

Try not to give into FOMO

I know it’s easier said than done, but you need to try to avoid the fear of missing out. It’s essential as a WAHM.

When you give in because of the fear, your plans are waylaid. You can overspend one month, and you need to find where that money needs to come from to replace what you’ve just spent.

It could mean another part of your business doesn’t get the money it was supposed to. This could be in marketing (if you know where to buy SEO services) or it may be that you can’t utilize your VA as much as you’d like. You need to sacrifice somewhere for the impulsive purchase.

What about when it’s an event? You go to the event instead of getting the work done you were supposed to. Has it helped your work or life in anyway? In some cases, you realize that it would have been better to stay home and do the work instead.

Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice

How to fight against the fear of missing out

Now you know what’s going on, it’s time to fight back against that fear. The best thing to do is listen to yourself. Why do you “need” to buy the product that’s available? Why do you “need” to go to a social event?

Be honest with yourself.

Would you buy it anyway? If this is a product that you were waiting to be available with an offer, jump in there! You’ve planned for it and have just been waiting for the right time. Buying it isn’t a fear of missing out but a smart choice.

Have you only just heard about it? Now you need to assess whether it’s something you need. Would you buy it if it was full price? If the answer is no because you just don’t need it, buying it on offer is a sign of FOMO. You’re only getting it because it’s at a lower price.

If the answer is no because you just can’t afford the full price but can see the value in it, then you’ll want to consider buying it.

Now for events. Why do you want to go to the event? Do you hate the idea of not being in photos from it? That’s probably not the best reason to leave your work to one side.

Is it a social event that will involve marketing opportunities? Could you get some business advise from a fellow WAHM? Then this could be the best thing you do that day.

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How to Beat FOMO

Put your business first

The only time I would argue with this statement is when it comes to your immediate family. If your children or your spouse need you, there are times that you’ll need to put your business to one side.

However, your business needs you. If you want to get your blog off the ground or you want to be successful as a freelance photographer, you need to start putting it first. This means making sacrifices, including not going to those social events.

Sure, it’s disappointing when you can’t make them. But think of how great you’ll feel when it comes to running your own successful business!

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Do you suffer from FOMO? Have you made an impulse buy because of the fear of missing out in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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