5 foods to add to your dog’s diet when it has runny stools

Foods to add to a dog's diet

5 foods to add to your dog’s diet when it has runny stools

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Runny stools in your dog can happen for a variety of reasons. They don’t always mean a trip to the vet. You want to add these foods to a dog’s diet first.

I know there are a lot of people who say that you should take your dog* to the vet at the first sign of a problem. That’s not always going to be the case. Whenever I call about my dog, my vet runs through a few things to go through at home first.

This is especially the case if there’s runny stool. My vet now knows that if I’m calling, it’s because I’ve tried the home remedies or I know there’s a problem that only he can fix. You see, with runny stools, there are all sorts of reasons they can happen, including eating the wrong stuff because you have a dumpster-diving dog who thinks everything is for him.

Whenever my dogs have runny stools, I add certain foods to their diets first. These are the five foods to add to your dog’s diet before you rush to the vets.

5 foods to try in your dog’s diet before a trip to the vet

Add pure pumpkin

One of the best foods to add to your dog’s diet is pumpkin. You want pure pumpkin. Now sure, you can get a pumpkin and scoop out the deliciousness, but you can also get the canned variety. Just make sure that it’s the pure pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie mixture. The mixture can end up with a lot of spices that aren’t good for your dog.

Pumpkin is full of fiber. It works quickly through the system, too. I find one can is enough to help my dogs.

Turn to the bananas

Another favorite in my house is bananas. Your dogs don’t need a lot to help firm up the stool. I find half a banana for huskies is just enough. It works fast.

Like pumpkin, banana is full of fiber. It is high in potassium, though, which is why you don’t want to add too much to the diet. If your dog is small, a few slices will be enough to help.

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Opt for sweet potato

It’s time to turn to a root vegetable. Add some sweet potato to your dog’s diet. Normal potatoes are great, but sweet potatoes have that little extra fiber to help. You want to make sure it’s cooked so that it’s soft to each and will get all the fiber that your dog’s stomach needs.

You can mash it but only mash with water. Milk and butter aren’t good for dogs, and you’ll just end up with more runny stools!

Try carrots for more fiber

It’s all about the orange foods! Carrots are another great addition to your dog’s diet. I feed my dogs carrots all the time. They’re great for just general treats.

Raw carrots are an option. They’re great for cleaning the teeth. However, when it comes to dealing with soft stool, opt for cooked carrots instead. They’re just a little easier to digest to help with the stool issue. Like with potatoes, don’t add any milk or butter if you’re going to mash. You can just boil carrots and feed like that, though.

Cook some plain chicken

It’s time to turn to the protein to help. You want a bland diet when your dog is suffering with a poorly tummy, and cooked chicken is a great place to start. Don’t put any seasonings on it. Your dogs don’t care about the salt and pepper like you do! In fact, most seasonings are bad for dogs.

Make sure the chicken is cooked. While dogs can have a raw food diet, right now, they need something that will help to solidify their stools. A raw diet, especially if they’re not used to it, can be a problem.

If your dog’s stool is still runny after a couple of days, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. This is when you turn to your vet.

Get a fiber supplement for your dog’s diet

Now that you have these go-to foods, it’s time to help your dog on a regular basis. If you find your dog regularly gets runny stools, you’ll want to look at their diet. It could be a problem with the food that you’re feeding them.

They may not be getting enough fiber in their diet. If this is the case, then you’ll want to add a fiber supplement*. There are a few types of supplements out there, so please talk to your vet before you add anything for your dog on a permanent basis.

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What do you add to your dog’s diet when there are runny stools? What’s your go-to fiber supplement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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