Gain Writing Motivation from Reading Blogs: How to Use Other People’s Blog Posts to Gain Writing Inspiration

Gain Writing Motivation from Reading Blogs: How to Use Other People’s Blog Posts to Gain Writing Inspiration

If you’re lacking writing motivation, you need to get reading. Think that is counterproductive? I know the first time that someone suggested it to me I questioned them. Just how can reading help you get motivation for writing?

Well, it really depends on what you’re reading. When you follow other bloggers in your niche or within business, you find out more about the nature of blogging. You learn about what your audience wants and the type of topics that can do well.

But you can’t copy. It’s about taking some inspiration from others for your own blogs. This inspiration will boost your writing motivation.

How do you use other people’s blogs to help you? Here are five tips to use other people’s blog posts to gain writing inspiration.

Look Over the Type of Posts They Share

When reading someone in your own niche, look at the type of topics they post. Look at the titles and the first paragraphs deeply. Look at what they want their audience to learn and how they help their readers.

There’s nothing wrong with taking an idea and working with the same one. Ideas can’t be copyrighted. What you want to avoid is copying the blog post word for word.

When you just take the idea, you can put your own spin on the topic. You get the chance to share your own personal experience and offer your own tips to your readers.

There are business owners out there who say you can’t make money blogging about history. I’ve had a completely different experience with that—and I know many others bloggers who have. I can give my own experience and share my tips on how to do it.

When you create a list of topics that your audience could find interesting, you’ll soon find yourself motivated to get writing. You know what your next few blog posts are.

Take a Look at the Comments

What are the other bloggers getting asked when it comes to their readers? Take a look at the comments sections and find out what their readers want to know or what they find useful.

The amount of comments a blog post gets will tell you a lot. This figure tells you which topics resonated the most with the followers of that blog.

Taking a look at my blog, I’ve found reviews of different sites and tips on building blogs resonate the most with my readers. When I struggle for ideas, I know that I can come up with something within these two topics and resonate with people when I share on social media.

Don’t just look at the number of comments, though. Take a look at the actual questions and statements. Do people have a different view? Is there a question that keeps getting missed? These questions tell you that people want to know the answers so will read a post that offers the answers to them on a plate.

Find Out How Other Writers Find Their Writing Inspiration

It’s not all about getting ideas from the posts, but about getting new inspiration for your own blog. When you lack inspiration, you’ll lack writing motivation. You’ll start to fall out of love.

Use someone else’s blog by finding out about their tricks for getting writing inspiration. This doesn’t even have to be a blogger in your own niche. You can about the tricks that others use to come up with new ideas. These types of tricks often translate across into different niches.

For example, I read recently that someone will use people watching as a way to get inspiration. This is my way to get inspiration on fictional writing, but there are others who will use it to gain inspiration for their blog posts. We’re all different and we can all translate ideas for our own needs.

Be open to reading blogs not necessarily in your niche. Just read them because they interest you and gain inspiration from them.

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What Other People’s Videos

Okay, so this isn’t quite reading someone’s blog posts. However, a lot of bloggers will now include other forms of content on their blogs. Videos are the most popular, although infographics and podcasts are also being used a lot.

Why not follow the bloggers and read their content in other forms. Listen to what they have to say. You’ll be able to pick out a phrase or two and create content from that.

You’ll be surprised at the phrases that resonate with you. If they’ve resonated with you, there are high chances that they’ve connected with someone else. Even if they’re not enough to create content, they will get your juices flowing.

Give Your Brain a Chance to Recover to Build Your Writing Motivation Again

Sometimes you just need to take a break. You don’t need to get inspiration from the topics, but just want to read something. You don’t want to think anymore about what your audience wants. You want to learn for yourself or read something funny and light.

You’ll be surprised at how this will help to build your writing inspiration. You’ll give your brain the break it needs and your motivation will soon get boosted to the max.

Motivation can disappear because you’re tired. Your body is fed up with you being in front of the computer and the brain is fed up of coming up with the same topics. Your whole system is shutting down to tell you to take a break.

Reading other people’s content opens you up to new topics. You fall in love with the words on the page—or the website—and you find a new love for content creation. Inspiration will flood in and the blogs you read don’t even need to be in the same niche.

If you don’t want to read something on your computer or mobile device, you can always gain the same benefits by reading a book. I love relaxing with a good book and always end up motivated to write again the next day!

So, it’s time to use other people’s blogs to your advantage. They will help to boost your writing motivation. Use them wisely. Don’t just copy but build your own content calendar to work for your own readers.

Do you read other people’s blogs for writing inspiration or motivation? Share the ones that you find most helpful and why in the comments below and let us check them out!

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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  1. Alexandria, some really great points, thanks so much! I would never have thought of reading through comments of other people’s blog posts, and giving your brain a break to become re-motivated thanks 🙂 Really helpful 🙂

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