Get More Clients with an Interact Quiz

Get More Clients with an Interact Quiz

Have you ever thought about using quizzes on your website? You’ll likely see them for TV shows, giving you the chance to show your knowledge or decipher the character you’d be. But they can also be a powerful marketing tool. An Interact quiz could be just what you need.

This is something I’m testing at the moment on one of my websites. I’m trialling it to get the right clients and helping potential clients see the value in hiring a freelance writer. And yes, I’m also using the quizzes for entertainment purposes.

Just how can the quizzes really help?

A Chance to Help Understand Direction

A potential client may come to your website with very little knowledge in the way you can help. They’ve heard they need a freelance writer for their content, but have no idea where to go after that point. Do they need blog content, email marketing help or other type of content? What about social media marketing help and sales copy? Could they use your help for white papers or press releases?

Using a quiz can help to understand direction. You can set a quiz on your site to help clients determine what they really want to gain from your services. The quiz takes them through multiple choice options, landing them on a particular type of content that suits their needs more.

Once they get their answer, they can get in touch directly with you to talk about the next stage. They already know the answers to your first set of questions, making the discovery call part easier.

Note that it just makes the discovery call part of the process easier. It doesn’t cut it out completely.

Make Sure They’re the Right Clients for You

Not all clients are going to be suitable for you. They may want content that you can’t provide or not have the budget available for your services. Using Interact quizzes can help to determine that.

It’s possible to set up a personality quiz to find out more about their niche and the budget they have available. Clients can also get a better idea of the rate they’d likely need to pay to determine if you’re both a good fit. They will get a better understanding of the value they’ll gain from the work.

If there are answers that won’t work to your services, you may be able to recommend other writers to help. You may be able to recommend other freelances or business partners who are better suiting. This is where networking comes into play, as those you recommend may also have a set up to recommend you to potential clients that aren’t suited to them.

Get an Idea of Personality

Knowing more about your clients is important. You want to make sure personalities match. While the discovery call is a great way to determine that, so is an Interact personality quiz. You can set up the questions that allows you to delve more into the person behind the business; the man or woman behind the online persona.

How is this going to help your business and client base? Well, you’ll get to know more about the individual. You can use the questions to determine what type of interests they have within the business; their goals and expectations. You’ll get a better idea about whether they’ll be communicative and responsive. You’ll know more about the payment terms they expect and whether they value the relationship with their freelancers.

You want to weed out the PITA clients from the great ones, making your working life easier. While yes you want clients, you want ones that you enjoy working with; those that are respectful of your time while also giving you the chance to shine in the area you’re best at.

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Why Interact Quizzes?

Interact is a well-known brand, which is what drew me towards the quizzes in the first place. But also the platform is easy to use and has a clear set up. When you want to create something quick but branded, you certainly can do.

It’s possible to use templates already on offer or make your own quiz from scratch. I’d recommend the latter when using a quiz to find your clients, but if you want to expand or just put something fun for your readers that are plenty of pre-made quizzes that are easy to adapt to your brand. They’ll certainly add more engagement.

You can also use the quizzes to build your email list. It’s possible to set up the option to enter an email address to get results, which means you get their email address to send marketing materials afterwards. This is useful in getting clients, as you can start off with a cold lead through the quiz and warm them up to a sale later on through tailored marketing based on their quiz results.

Are you ready to get more clients? Is it time you bumped up your marketing efforts? Get Interact quizzes today and you have a tool that you can use for life.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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